5 Reasons to Use Natural Oils- The Skin That Tends to Stay Young Forever

With the advancement of the natural skincare movement, an increased number of natural oils are being formulated day by day. The usage of natural oils has been around for years for skin and hair care. Natural oils are not only known for providing beauty but also render calming effects and boosting mental focus. It helps with many mental diseases, such as applying natural oils along with ADD treatment, which can help in treating ADHD.

If natural oils have never been in your skincare list, it’s probably because the thought of applying oils on your skin might bring bad acne and breakouts to your mind. However, it may be that missing product in your beauty routine. There is a reason why people have been using natural oils for years. Five reasons are listed below why you should add natural oils to your skincare list.

Skin Protection

When you apply natural oils on your skin, they penetrate deep into it and locks all the moisturizing goodness and water into the skin that keeps all the toxins and bacteria out. These oils protect your skin and help strengthen and fortify your natural skin barrier. Natural oils could be the best product for you as it provides extra skin protection to the city dwellers against pollutants and smog that is a popular source of unwanted acne and wrinkles.

Great for Dry Skin

The application of natural oils is beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin as it adds extra nourishment and seals the moisture in. When the skin barrier is disrupted, it fails to lock the water and moisture, resulting in dry and flaky skin. Natural oils are the best antidote to your flaky and dry skin; therefore, the most efficient way of rehydrating your skin is drinking lots of water and applying natural oil as a moisturizer at night.

Reduce Wrinkles

Increased exposure of unprotected ultraviolet light results in free radical damage that harms the skin and causes suntan and wrinkles. Natural oils are packed with antioxidants that fight against the free radicals and protect the skin against sun damage and dryness. Its anti-inflammatory effects prevent skin discoloration and photosensitivity. If your skin is a little oily, incorporate natural oil in your night care routine just taking a single cotton pad, drip a few drops of oil on the cotton, and lightly dab it on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. This helps in clearing the acne marks and wrinkles and making your skin look smooth.

Treat Skin Allergies

Natural oils possess anti-inflammatory properties that assist in putting an end to irritated skin. These oils reduce redness and provide a calming effect on the skin. They help treat various skin allergies and rashes; thus, adding it into your skincare routine would be a win-win situation. Also, it is best known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help fight infections and make it beneficial for people with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Good for Makeup Application

In addition to protecting the skin and clearing all the acne marks, wrinkles, and sun damage, natural oils can even be used as a primer before applying foundation. The natural oils give a silky and luxurious feel to the skin that makes the application of foundation smooth. Dry or flaky skin results in streaky makeup application; therefore, applying natural oil on your face helps the makeup brushes to glide on to the skin quickly and give a flawless makeup finish. It effectively moisturizes the skin and provides hydration. The smoother the skin, the better the canvas for your makeup.