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Loop Animation \\ Cloned Motion Gifs

starting the experiments with cloned motion in video(2004-present) and evolve them through the years, inspired todays artist Erdal Inci, based in Istanbul,of producing some spectrum affiliated(lol) animated gifs.


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Image of ze day | Dennis Scholl Experimentation

Für Lucina

multiple concept formations .. by Der Zeichner - Dennis Scholl

Did or Did you not

had a vertigo sense of spiraling down and shrinking into your bed, as the room  expands outwards in all directions, leaving you feel ever smaller and insignificant, frightened and anxious about… well… everything.

this is called the ever-shrinking-room experience

have it in mind you arch-minionz rendering all around your next project/


Mysterious Adventures \ Leszek Bujnowski

notice:     |the expertise in -technique use-

                |the incorporation of different elements into a scene

\..join the image journey below to those Mysterious.Adventures../

- gallery -



Galileo’s Saturn


“Evidence, Image, Drawing, Graphic, Word, Noun”

data-theory-presentation of Kepler’s law’s  – -

  planetary orbits are elliptical instead of circular

the inner planets revolve around the sun faster than the outer planets

Huygen’s Theory [click for larger image]

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Optical Aberrations by Jim Kazanjian

yo. its nice to appreciate people’s inspiration even more if it is transplanted into really nice work — a seriously considered example is Jim, who just uses random photographs to create a form of nonexistent space furthermore connecting the dots in his own way in order to form a photograph .. hmm .. another thing that must be stated is his no-relation with the ‘taking a photo’ process- which makes the uniqueness on what he creates even more special –

- to get more in his boots -

”My current body of work is inspired in large part by the literature of H.P. Lovecraft and other ‘weird’ fiction writers. I am intrigued with the narrative archetypes they utilize to de-familiarize the familiar. I like to use those devices as a foundation to build upon and generate entry points for my images.”

☟-click to find out the amazing results of his work-☟



Spring in NY // Printemps by Fred Lebain

Le Gallery☟

French photographer’s – Fred Lebain – work features creative camouflage posters that blend into their surroundings. Here at the NY headquarters this reminds us alot of [--> FG link -->] Liu Bolin representations.

Cyaaz ;)

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Drawing Illustration \\ Liu Bolin

Royal Box at Teatro alla Scala, 2010


























Milan World Expo of 2015, 2010

Lagoon City of Venice, 2010

•Master Chalk•

yoyo . one material street apply. — bot bot . visualize your way and keep in mind the surface play ~~

turn around , rotate left etc.

 likethemististheflow — FG for life

Street Installations // Mark Jenkings

mid-day Sunday special, with an around the globe hung out with Mark Jenkings street installations. Checkout the conceptuality of the artist  — only for yOu open-minded readers –

[easier than scrolling down - gallery mode]

get the gist outta this and ..

..eye contact the FG way ;)

via Mark Jenkings