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Death is Home

very cool short (actually super short) animation by Topsafe.London

“We worked with animation studio ILoveDust on this short animation with Horfe last year. It took a while to get the final tweaks done- but finally we can share it with you.

Thanks to everyone at ILoveDust for making it happen!

There is also new t-shirts & prints by Horfe at the site as well.”

Reviving Redwood

yo.take a few minutes to enjoy this great animation by Matt Sullivan from Ringling College. Probably one of the best things ive seen lately.

dont miss out his blog (+)

This is the story of an old man’s struggle to bring life back to an abandoned logging town.

Directed and created by Matt Sullivan at Ringling College of Art and Design. 
Original score by Corey Wallace 
Sound design by Zack Wilson

Propulsion Painting by Evan Roth


big it up cos there is some crazy stuff shared here by the FG :

Evan Roth is playing in a very clever way with our addiction for spraycans and colors & inventions and machines.

Ok, enough with the freeze-framez..here are the videoz…dont miss the action


Snow Circles


great work done on a natural landscape by “Beauregard, Steamboat Aerials

It took 5 people & about 3 hours…not bad at all! : )

Still Life by Scott Garner

the following project is an art/installation intervention  redefining the definition of “still life” by Scott Garner. cool


Still Life is an interactive gallery piece that takes traditional still life painting into the fourth dimension with a motion-sensitive frame on a rotating mount.


Years ago I had the idea of a still life painting that wasn’t so still, but could never quite wrap my head around how to build it. After various experiments and explorations, I settled on Unity 3D as the ideal tool to make it happen.


On the hardware side is a custom-framed television connected to a rotating mount from Ergomart. Attached to the back of the television is a spatial sensor from Phidgets, makers of fine USB sensors. On the software side is a simple C application to communicate with the sensor and feed the data to a Unity 3D scene. The scene itself consists of a camera tied to the sensor data with all lights and objects parented to it so they rotate in unison.


Many thanks to Andrew Butterworth for additional 3D support and Kenny Breit for helping shoot and edit the demo video. This project was produced at Süperfad.

Boneyard Project, painting on WWII planes [Videos]


Yesterday we shared with you photos from the Boneyard Project, where some of the best artists-street artists have collaborated to paint on WWII military planes.

Click for earlier post on Boneyard <

Medvin Sobio [co-producer on the project & curator] was kind enough sending Video footage from the project to the FGteam.

ty ty



Film // Babeldom (at I.F.F Rotterdam)

For our readers in Rotterdam we got something special to attend,

during the International Film Festival  :


As a ‘science fiction documentary’, this portrait of a futuristic city is narrated by one of its inhabitants. The twist is that all the images in this found-footage film come from architecture, science and technology of the present day.

The future is already here.!

In many ways this is a follow up to Bush’s 1996 short film ‘The Rumour of True Things,’ now with a minimalist narrative thread running through the accumulation of high-tech imagery. Two lovers try to communicate, one from within, the other outside the city. Eurydice regained ?

Thu 26-1 to Sun 29-1, 10:00-17:00, Fri until 20:00 and Sun from 11:00,

Netherlands Architecture Institute, Museumpark 25.

The city is already so vast and growing at such a speed that soon light itself will not escape its gravitational pull. How then can two lovers communicate, one from inside the city the other outside? This is an elegy to urban life, a portrait of a city of the future, constructed from moving images collected all around the world from science, technology, industry and architecture.