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Goldberg machines vol.#3 // Sending a postcard

HEYHEYHEY Studios //besides having an ubercool and fresh name// have managed to pull off a quite awesome little goldberg machine to use for sending postcards.. Really poetic, really fun and might i say quite cool the combo of two briefcases to make this happen…

☟ Ze Video ☟

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Everything is Terrible // Eat a D*ck


here goes one of the most random videoz we spotted the last days over the internet

Le Video ☟

Awesome Stereoscopic 3-D GIFs From 1930s Paris

hotographer Alexis Isaac was passing by a second-hand store in Paris when he saw a collection of stereoscopic glass plates. Isaac was intrigued by the camera that captured the images, a type of viewer that took transparent film instead of paper. The combination of the stereograph and the glass plates creates a startling 3-D effect, bringing the ever romantic vintage Paris back to life. While some 3-D animated moments are a bit hokey, these captivating photos of the French countryside have absolutely stolen our hearts.

via the huffingtonpost

In Dreams / UK 2011 by Samuel Blain

yo yo ,

via onedotzero we spotted the work of Samuel Blain

ch ch check it out ☟

A profound and experimental documentary focusing on the weirdest and most vivid dreams of normal individuals. After numerous interviews, five of the most imaginative talking heads were selected for the documentary. Each story is heightened by enhancing the live action with computer-generated imagery, replacing the faces with a visual representation of their mind. Graduation project for the recently established Motion Graphics and Animation course at Northumbria University.



Senseless Drawing Bot // cool machines

Created by So KANNO kanno.so + Takahiro YAMAGUCHI yang02.org
Metal Works Supported by Hitto ASAI hitt01.com
Special Thanks: Montana Colors Japan montanacolors-jp.blogspot.com/



“15th Japan Media Art Festival”
2.22 – 3.4, 2012

@AKIBATAMABI21, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
9.10 – 10.10, 2011

● VIDEO in action ●

Propulsion Painting by Evan Roth


big it up cos there is some crazy stuff shared here by the FG :

Evan Roth is playing in a very clever way with our addiction for spraycans and colors & inventions and machines.

Ok, enough with the freeze-framez..here are the videoz…dont miss the action


The Chapel // short film

The Chapel

is a short film paying tribute to an exceptional protestant temple in Zeliszów, Poland, designed by Karl Langhans and built in 1796-1797.

Check the video here ☞ The Chapel

Check the making of here ☞ M.O.Chapel


a hot chick for all u spending saturday night alone

Snow Circles


great work done on a natural landscape by “Beauregard, Steamboat Aerials

It took 5 people & about 3 hours…not bad at all! : )

Still Life by Scott Garner

the following project is an art/installation intervention  redefining the definition of “still life” by Scott Garner. cool


Still Life is an interactive gallery piece that takes traditional still life painting into the fourth dimension with a motion-sensitive frame on a rotating mount.


Years ago I had the idea of a still life painting that wasn’t so still, but could never quite wrap my head around how to build it. After various experiments and explorations, I settled on Unity 3D as the ideal tool to make it happen.


On the hardware side is a custom-framed television connected to a rotating mount from Ergomart. Attached to the back of the television is a spatial sensor from Phidgets, makers of fine USB sensors. On the software side is a simple C application to communicate with the sensor and feed the data to a Unity 3D scene. The scene itself consists of a camera tied to the sensor data with all lights and objects parented to it so they rotate in unison.


Many thanks to Andrew Butterworth for additional 3D support and Kenny Breit for helping shoot and edit the demo video. This project was produced at Süperfad.

Interactive Wall at UD // openFrameworks ✛ Kinect

Few months ago Flightphase were brought to this project by HUSH Studios as an Art and Technology Director to create, in collaboration with HUSH and 160over90, the image-based responsive environment at the University of Dayton. The 36-foot wall at the admissions center was to become an interactive attractor for the prospective students and their families. The result is an engaging live surface driven by simple elements beautifully choreographed.

The project evolved from a basic element, the cube, used as a mechanism to both animate the screen and show videos. Cube, also being the visual language of UD cubes were used in their orthographic projections, no camera, no lighting, and frequently rendering one of the faces of the cubes with the same color as the background. Each face of each cube is rendered with a single color, but this color changes depending on the faces’s angle to the camera. The color is picked from pre-designed image gradient that constitutes a palette. Altogether, the entire field of cubes, with how they overlap and with the negative-space shapes formed between the cubes, created an opportunity to create a variety of looks and patterns giving more more structural and dimensional appearance that could ‘open up’, rather than just being on the surface of the wall.

The fields of cubes were then animated with waves of activity. The designed Affectors start small and grow to their final size as they travel around. The longer the cube has been under the effect of the Affector, the more it is influenced by it. The gestural interaction is driven by 4 Kinect cameras, embedded in the ceiling in front of the wall providing viewer’s presence and movement.

The software was built using openFrameworks. For video tracking the team used a modified version of TSPS (Toolkit for Tracking People in Spaces). 2 Mac Minis were used to get input from the Kinect cameras — each Mac Mini running the TSPS app blending the input from two Kinects, and sending the contour information over to the Mac tower.

More details about the process with great insight into resolving both mapping and blending is available in the form of a case study on Flightphase’s website.

Client: University of Dayton, Agency: 160over90, Production Company: HUSH, Art & Technology Director: Flightphase

FLightphase credits: Creative Direction, Interaction Design, Bespoke Software Design

Creative Direction/Design: Karolina Sobecka, Technical Direction: James George, Jeff Crouse, Lead Sofware Development: Jeff Crouse, Additional Software Development: Caleb Johnston

Project Page

Flightphase is an art and design studio based in Brooklyn. We are dedicated to creating work that is engaging and evocative, creating a unique design and format solution for any challenge. We develop a variety of art and commercial projects, embracing emerging technologies, interactivity and new media as well as all the traditional tools of creative expression from pencils to film to product design.

Via : Creative Applications Network ☞ LINK