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summer is over

yo bots. ive been wondering what have you been doing all summer you nerds..playing diablo and eating ice cream or partying. Im sure you all went out and scored girls like that..so good for you. keep the money and the bitchez comin.thats the way.

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MJ is the Best

after years out in the business we have all here seen our amount of

site plans/v-f-a(view from above noob!) but i believe that today we have a clear winner.. 

Drawing inspirations from the works of P.Coelho -lol- and “Where is Wallly?” this masterpiece seems to be following the so 90’s dogma of let it be and they will find it…HAHAHAH… Go on and use adjustment layers and instagram filters for your site plans trying to make them look sexy..you are free to do so…BUT these lads are clearly embracing the “Matt Damon wouldnt use plug-ins” philosophy, propably staying old school to the bone and doing this awesome drawing in MS Paint. Respec’z!!

Sooo..Where is Wally biatch???

Get inspired scrubs!!


ps. project by super funny freaks freearchitects

many surprises await you in their site+a livestream of them in the office playing ping-pong(??)…no seriously

FG Tip of the Day

Hola-coz we in barcelona killin’it- fg followers

The tip of the day from the FG team for today, will be about why you must ALL(!) stop being little faggot architect wannabes with (*ay)moustaches and skinny jeans, but ACTUALLY GROW A BEARD!!!  

*Lets all make this dissapear!!GROW A BEARD for crying out loud*





bitch. come over here


bitch please

bitch. come over here II

Incognito mode lvl60

a bit gay, but still beats drinking your own pee…

Sailing like a boss

Katana…Coincidence?i dont think so..

Got it?

Picture of the Day ● Little City

via (sorry no idea) : (

Sculptures str8 from Portland // Ron Ulicny

yoyo readers,

what en exciting day this one has been so far..and it became even better ever since i stu,bled uppon this crazy mofo from Portland, Usa, Ron Ulicny and his awesomly creative hybrid sculptures..enjoy..




be back in5

La Gallerie of the day // Arachnophobia


the gallery of the day straight back from the 90s


Stack it UP ^^

Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen eviscerates the walls of abandoned buildings, conjoining rooms with massive holes, and uses leftover fragments to create densely textured walls and surfaces. In the project entited Destroyed House, Teeuwen removed the walls from a post-war apartment block in Amsterdam and sawed the building’s doors into hundreds of fragments, using them in turn to construct layered partitions. Walls made from doors. In other works she uses countless objects crammed into small rooms, creating claustrophobic spaces that appear on the verge of collapse, putting any contemporary hoarder to shame. If you want to learn more you can catch this 44 minute documentary of the artist at work.

-Destroyed House-


see you soon b.O.t.

FG Power

Tree House Vol.#3 // The Hidden Egg

“IT worker-cum-carpenter, Joel Allen, harbored a dream of creating a house that organically meshed with the environment of his much loved woods around Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. His dream became a reality after finding friends in two fresh new architects who set him on his path of a uniquely egg shaped treehouse, now known as the HemLoft Weekend Cabin.”


FG to the bone

the “Free Spirit Spheres”

Its been a long time we come across mega-stupid glass or metal structures attached to trees. However this time the final result looks more coherent and unique at the same time.

The spheres are actually hotel rooms and some of them even have names !

“Spheres, Eve, Eryn and Melody, are available for overnight rental.  We are approximately 30km north of Parksville on Vancouver Island along the Inland Island Hwy (#19), near Qualicum Bay.”

“Welcome to the world of Free Spirit Spheres, set among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. We invite you to experience a tree house for adults… 16 years and over. (liability considerations) We are open 12 months of the year; each season providing something unique.

Built on vision and engineering these handcrafted spheres are suspended like pendants from a web of rope. They occupy a truly unique place in the world while providing a habitat for the un-tamed spirit that exists in us all.”

via Free Spirit Spheres (link)

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Moss as medium for art // yeah

insightful utilisation of moss, showing the simplicity and complexity-yes at the same time- of this wonderfull substance…





-FG the moss way-

till ze next one…