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FG MEGA-Archive // Star wars original drawings

yo yo yo.

sunday chiin at the office and we were going around some of the gems in our library.

this next post comes straight from the realm of George Lucas, where fantasy meets reality.


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If not, gtfo and update ur facebook status to “rip” LOL

Intelligence//gimme some more*

Allthough making an uber-sarcastic/funny/edgy post seems to be the most appropriate way of doing things around this site(we actually DO enjoy making fun of you, wha?), we decided to once again wash you with the light of experience/knowledge. So heads up ‘cos some serious shit is coming up….

Vasco Murao(+) is a Portuguese architect concentrating on the production of narrative drawings, redefining the edges between speculative and utopian concepts. Incredibly detailed line drawings of interconnected buildings reminiscent of medieval hilltop towns, come together to form projections of some futuristic, low-tech (yeah, wad’up Sci-Arc nerds..?) cityscapes, and even mutate to stipulate new  arrays of our built environment. All this Ink-style bitchez

Watch and learn.


                                                                                         this is GANGSTA..!