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Bridge Genealogy \\ Meghalayas Living Bridge

In the wettest region of the world , Meghalaya India – even if it sounds impossible – people build bridges for generations using the roots of trees on each side of the river

because of the high vegetation due to the rainfalls , those roots may form even 30 meters surface and withstand an average amount of people crossing at the same time.

The extracurricular that you can notice of  people living in Meghalaya for generations, is the passion for transmitting this knowledge of nature – to the youngest ones in order to continue through the years this – owned by them- tradition.

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Intarsia|Marquetry – Tilo Uischner

luv.luv for yOu Aussie FG addicts.

special wood artwork(a.k.a intarsia-marquetry[wikihelp]) from Tilo Uischner —


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// Discovering Aogashima

One of the FG authors is going for a 2 week break on this magical almost mythical paradizze on earth.

So we decided…why not…lets share that with our readers


because we can & we F*CKING HATE SOPA!!!!

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