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Undercover Ctscape – map ideas

 for all you exceling your chasing undercover methods –  Tim Skylarov introduces u to a former, USSR spectrum – map idea ..

Not far from the port of Tallinn, Estonia there is an old flour warehouse that was abandoned for decades until recent years – now it’s a museum of old and eclectic cars, bikes, military vehicles and some other stuff from the Soviet era. 

Gallery az usual


-Undercover Ctscape –

Inventions // KGB Gadgets

I know how much architects are into devices, gadgets, inventions and machines.

Check out an older post of the FG about : Inventions//Drawing Machines post (link)

“Every good architect must first make a machine to do architecture”

Mixing it up once again, something more “light’


tiny camera

tiny camera 2

suitcase (self explanatory i believe)

hybrid pen-camera

undercover pipe-weapon

for the chicks

funky camera again

time to level up ur game a bit