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Digging the crates*Spiderman Sketchbook

I could go on and on about introducing this dope sketchbook that fell into our hands, but

Mies wouldn’t do that.

check it out rookies, for your pleasure only.

keeping it simple. for now…

image of the day ● Pyrgi of Chios

a peak from the entrance of the unique village Pyrgi – Chios Island, Greece



hello again,

as every blogger knows, sunday is the day to attract as many possible bots as possible and raise your views. 

However, if you are an FG.addict you already know that we dont really give a f*ck

This post is dedicated to the:


remember when THIS☟ used to our banner!..hahah good times

Looking at this old banner, my emo side got stimulated and decided to open FG archive from last year and dump a few random files in here:

^^Keep ur head up fo the Girafffe

Building ____ // Life of Sgraffito

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Tuesday morning randomness LEVEL UP on

Sgraffito–> scratching through wet plaster on a wall showing different-colour under surface (2 color)

The title comes from italian “sgraffito” –  a wall decor technique commonly used in Europe to decorate castles and chateaus during the Renaissance.
— Italy in the 16th century

Sgraffito played a significant role during the years of the Renaissance in Italy.  As a simple native art old examples of sgraffito were found in Florence and more specifically in the chateaus , Palazzo Ramirez de Montalvo and Palazzo Peppi  [draft sketch included for the first one to GET you in the subject]


During the 16th century the technique was brought to Germany by the master builders of the Renaissance and taken up with enthusiasm by the formative craftsmen..


In Catalonia, sgraffito was implemented in the early 20th century by the Noucentista neo-classical architects and became a recurrent technique in façade decoration.

[Lets get more into it]
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many bows to Wikimedia Commons

TRUE Architecture// No.2

It is nice to have a laugh or two, but every now and then we must take a pause, recognize and praise a masterpiece such as the one following.   links to AWESOMNESS => (+)    (+)

The Los Angeles Design Group, reveiled their elaborated-allthough a bit over-worked to my taste-concept for some random fashion space after the completion of the competition, and if i might say….


“Pigs in a box” represents a  super radical scheme reconceptualised through a simple and fresh idea; using balloon animals and randomly fuck up the space.

Truly inspiring!!

i believe that even The BIG would be envious of such skills.!!

When looking at the plan i clearly can see the intention of the firm to cultivate plug-and-play thresholds, embodied into the almost schizophrenic anatomy of the parametrical apparatus inserted into a random box. Simply stunning!

*Even the renderings seem to enhance their concept of stratifying ruderal ecosystems through a deterritorialization of indexical grids

Just to see how a real bunch of geniuses sets up their office..maybe one day you can aspire the same levels of greatness…Yes, designers do it better, but you architecture bitchez can do it too…

Ben’s desk__Excruciating

Andrew’s desk__Gross

Noah’s desk__Eye-rollingly predictable

Untill our next post….

keep suckin ballz

NOTE1 This post is super serious!

NOTE2 This post is super awesome!!

NOTE3 DO not even think about start trolling about how pic#1 looks like a huge vagina….you just being ignorant!

TRUE Architecture // No.1

for free,


architectural tutorials (advanced users only)

Im bored with all you conceptual whatevers. Pay your respects to the true dogs of contruction and REAL LIFE ARCHITECTURE…UP UP!!

From Paris to Japan and everywhere in between


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