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Diorama Maps by Sohei Nishino

Today’s artist creates his works using his memory as layered icons of the city.. working on that over the years with passion he has come up with a unique way of expressing his love for what he does.. Each map in order to be formulated in the way he wants may take several months for completance.

Below you can examine his finished works on various big cities of the world on and on with his way of work and the duration of each workpiece


Berlin [August – December 2011]

”The creation of a Diorama Map takes the following method..

Hong Kong [January – April 2010]

..walking around the chosen city on foot.. Continue reading

Edgar Martins || The Time Machine

An Incomplete Survey of Objectives and Semi-Hydro Power Stations

Shot between 2010 and 2011, The Time Machine is structured as a topographic survey of hydro-electricity generating plants in Portugal, Edgar Martins beloved origin.

Wealth Bros

In recovering a past of exciting technological innovation and optimistic belief in the future, these photographs suggest that they are not just about the generation of power but also of dreams and technological utopias.

Switch Games

Because the future announced is here now; and now we know that nothing has happened in the way that the ideological narrative of the modern wanted us to believe that it would – Flipped  you acknowledge the positive of that- THAT the projects that were completed WERE ahead of their time [haha, what a funny way of thinking!]

90’s control panel Continue reading