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Confusion behind Silence – Eugene Soloviev

holla fg addicts!hope you are getting used with the on target titles that we come up with in order to get yOu the GIST of each artist work.

– the featured artist is preferred to be known by the nickname Apachennov –

  – Bio

Surreal Landscape Photography



Art Illustration \\ Pat Perry

From an artist who is always on the move, travelling under an active and observant mind. Pat Perry’s work tries to approach a form of contemporary art landscape. He relays his physical world through his earnest and honest style of photography, and opens the windows into his imagination for us to enjoy with the most basic of instruments.

 Pat Perry’s moto “look at the world in a different more beautiful way”

Showcasing his talents through various artistic mediums, he exhibits his borderline savant-like skills with a camera, fastidious ink/pen work, surreal ballpoint pen masterpieces, life-drawing with pencils, elaborate paintings, design and digital renderings.

following – some beautiful timelapses on his work (via PatPerry vimeo)


FGonthego ;)

Soft gravitational pull towards fleshy architectural bodies.

Hello again little minions,

Earlier today I stumbled upon an ubercool post by the archives of Synaptic.Stimuli (+) ( ☚ YES this little cross is the LINK), and decided to share the love of sexy fibers and cleverly interlocking membranes