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brain dead summer keeps going so not able to do anythin more than drag n drop photoz..scroll down ^^


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FG Tip of the Day

Hola-coz we in barcelona killin’it- fg followers

The tip of the day from the FG team for today, will be about why you must ALL(!) stop being little faggot architect wannabes with (*ay)moustaches and skinny jeans, but ACTUALLY GROW A BEARD!!!  

*Lets all make this dissapear!!GROW A BEARD for crying out loud*





bitch. come over here


bitch please

bitch. come over here II

Incognito mode lvl60

a bit gay, but still beats drinking your own pee…

Sailing like a boss

Katana…Coincidence?i dont think so..

Got it?

Color Dripping Delirium

markus linnenbrink is giving some pain to spaces with this great life size paintings/murals/installations

Enjoy ☟


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Seems like we got a lil p’oblem

hello brown, little cute midgets

by now y’all must be quite aware of our weak-spot here at the FG which is no other than interdisciplinary, cross-boundary practices, and especially the world of Fashion (wa??) which is overwhelmed by this sort of bright thinking(loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool)…

since organic inspirations are so 90‘s, and references going back to the Arts’ realm have become something more than just SS(super-seeded that is for those of you who have never stepped a toe inside a tru architecture bureau), now we are facing another lil p’oblem

Seems like the world of architecture is feeding these gay hipster fashionistas with another endless world of inspiration


anywayzz, the truth is that this set of shoes, so-called “inspired by architecture” have made our morning here in the L.A. headquarters..infinite LOLz down the way…

JORGEEEEE….come teach these lil’

b°tch°z how its done….

Bad Taste ● Sneaker Tectonics

Hello my friend,

we back again with the famous by now “Bad Taste” section.

Sneaker Tectonics is not a bad project, simply because:

its not a project

nuff said

I mean it was probably a kewl task to test ur 3D modelling skills, texturing and press the little magic button “render”. Other than that you cannot possibly treat this as a realistic proposal. hahah image you wake up every morning and have this view from your window.

HOWEVER, if you have a secret plan building this in a place with LasVegas aesthetics and a lot oil money maybe it will be a goer.

this guyz can be potential clients

They would love a new mall in their city looking like this

Tip : try to “fillet” the edges of the shoes. they might look more sexy

ciao for nowz

Bad Taste // Men’s Fashion – WHAT THE F*CK ?

Hello little midgets, somewhere between reviewing applications for the new secretary position (after Litsa left the office we are on the hunt for a tall, big tits, blue eyes, blonde hair, brazilian ass replacement; think of it as a well educated pornstar), I saw THIS! ☞  Gowns for Guys // WHAAAT ? ? !


There was actually some description in the article struggling to justify this eye disturbing outcome but could not be bothered to read it. It looked a bit like this :

“Men’s fashion is having a moment—a feminine moment, that is. First it was the concept of mantyhose (pantyhose and tights for men that took a popular turn this spring) and now men’s fashion is taking yet another influence from the ladies — this time, in the form of dresses.

During Australian Fashion Week this past week, menswear designer Injuryattempted to branch out the world of male fashion by debuting several man dresses down the runaway …… BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA “

Who gives a F*CK ?

For the oldskool Future-Giraffes‘ followers:

” Where the f*ck to start and where the f*ck to end ? “

ciao pokemons

The 1939 World’s Fair – Photo Collection

73 years ago today, the World’s Fair (1939 edition) had its grand opening with a whopping 206,000 people in attendance.

The theme that year was The World Of Tomorrow, and one of our favorite exhibits of the lot was the Westinghouse Time Capsule that was buried 50 feet below Flushing Meadows Park (there was also one buried for the 1965 fair). Both will be opened in the year 6939, unless someone finds and digs them up before then. In the 1939 capsule contained, amongst other things, copies of Life magazine, a kewpie doll, one dollar in change, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a 15-minute newsreel, and seeds in glass tubes.

Via Gothamist

Pillowig by Joo Youn Paek


just spotted this accessory via design-dautore [dot] com 

Fashion Tips // Post-bohemian laternative chic

One more awesome girl out there…

Renata is 24 years.She is a decorator and lover of vintage.

The comment Queen.gr:
There is nothing we cherish more than one “big” girl who dares to styling. The Renataobviously loves curves and highlights with a granny chic way by adopting a 50s housewife style with a floral dress and curly hair combined with red and burgundy bagballerinas. We say a yes to all elements of the look we like because they are sincere in aesthetics. Our only suggestion is to lengthen the hair and tried curls a la Marilyn that willreveal more retro style.

its all in the details for people like this, so hip…

Now do me a favor, and go change that nasty colection you still have hanging in your closet from last year…maybe something a bit more post-vintage for a change…


Note 1 Thanks babe for signaling this fashionista..

ART // Paul Marcinkowski

great new artist discovered // Paul Marcinkowski

Paul’s projected we decided to feature is entitled “Linoryt”

CHECK bellow the whole process


artist, university lecturer. Born 29 March 1967 in Szczecin. In 1993 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, in prof. Wojciech Muller. Between 1993 and 1995, associate Museum of Art in Lodz (educational and artistic projects.) After this period, to 2003,assistant prof. Eugene Józefowskiego in the Laboratory of Creative Education at the Institute of Plastic Arts and Culture at University. The degree of doctor of art holds 10June 2003 at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications in Fine Arts in Poznan. Currently, an employee of the State Higher Vocational School in Glogow and AHE in Lodz.

In the circle of his creative interests include arts education, creative activities (art object, graphic art, ceramics) and worthy of attention, repeatedly developed workshops. It is one of the authors of the Holy Pilgrim Library – an architectural monument of John Paul II unveiled in 2006 in Glogow.

(google translation//sorry for any stoopid mistakes in advance)