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awkward los angeles

the awkward moment when sci-arc students go on a field trip and get confronted with this type of documents…

scripting at its finest.lolz

Students visit the Los Angeles studio of Don Chadwick, a designer for Herman Miller.

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Behind the window – European Street Design Challenge


Interesting post about the European.street.design.Challenge via ArthurDesign (+)

The European Street Design Challenge workshop started by some conferences in the PICNIC area to share with us Paris and Amsterdam’s vision of creativity and to explain us the schedule of the three coming days. We then went in the Waag Society which is settled in a castle in the Red Light District and which hosted us for the whole workshop.

As soon as everyone was ready we jumped into what we believe was the first thing to do: understanding the people and the area.


Tourists represent a major part of what the area is, therefore we first walked in the Red Light District of Amsterdam to understand what we feel as tourists when going around with not much information about the area.

 To compare our feelings we mapped where we felt good and/or bad in the district and we discussed why.

We then listened and discussed with Birgit Büchner (see right picture), Project manager for Museum Our Lord in the Attic and Henny Tinga from the Salvation Army who gave us an historical and cultural point of view of the area. They also shared with us some problems they encounter everyday in the Red Light District such as the number of tourists in the street, the noise they generate and the fact that they don’t see the treasure of the area.

To have different points of view of the district we went down in the street and talked to people: waiters, bartenders, massage shop owners, inhabitants, etc. After speaking with many people we came up with one new conclusion: some people feel like this place is the best ever!

After having these keys to see the district from different points of view, we all went downtown again and indeed, we saw all these old buildings and we were especially astonished by the beautiful view you have from all bridges crossing the canals. And this is the moment where we came up with an other conclusion: it is quite difficult to see this aspect of the area at the first glance.


Based on all the information we gathered we came up with one conclusion: if the district has an incredible cultural diversity it has unfortunately a disproportionate visual diversity.

We believe that this disproportionate visual diversity is just a matter of point of view. This is the reason why we decided to solve the problem: how can we give people the opportunity to change their point of view of the Red Light District to better see its historical and cultural aspects?

To build a concept that would solve this problem and represent our values at the same time, we listed two key elements that we believe could help people see an other face of the area: contemplation and information.


We then brainstormed to translate those elements into a concept. To do so we wrote, made quick mock-ups and scenarios.


At the end, we all agreed that the best place to make people change their point of view is in the middle of the Red Light District meaning, on the canals.

The bridges offer a unique view of the area which is really beautiful especially thanks to the trees and the old architecture.

 We believe the first step to change one’s point of view on an area is to give him the opportunity to contemplate it. Therefore we propose to create a place on top of the canals to give people a chance to do nothing but admire the area.

 Once people are in the position to see the district from an other point of view we believe they need information to increase their knowledge on the area. As this needs to be seamlessly provided we suggest to build screens that use augmented reality to add an informative layer on top of the reality. This layer is added on top of what people see from this place. Plus, tweets related to the area are displayed on the screen to let people share their thoughts and for the local people to share events and more.

As we want to help people see this other aspect of the district ,we suggest to use this augmented reality screens all across the canals. This way people can easily learn about the area.

To push the idea of changing people’s point of view we want to shock them by making them the one that people are looking at.

Finally we would like this place and those interactive screens to be a interface for sharing different strong points of view. To do so, we would like to invite artists to use these to express there points of view and engage people through it. The previous scenario could be the first idea going in this way.


On the final day we presented our process, vision and solution to an audiance and a jury.

We finally had the chance to win the contest!

Now I hope our proposal will be an inspiration for the future evolution of the Red Light District in Amsterdam!

Team members: Anabelle Eugenia, Manon Ely, Franck Noel and Renaud Larivière.

* Stay tuned for : a Thesis project from Arthur Bodolec in connection with this topic





Are you f*cking with me? // Ze Challenge

i have a question whichis triveling my mind since i saw on frame web…(+)

Challenger #1 : CZWG Architects

Challenger #2 : Hopkins Architects


Who’s been fuckin who’s assistant here..?

Note (I know this post smells like “someone has built it before”) but sorry. Im trying not to throw up in my mouth. It is just that the above mentioned assistant is super hot

#1 Canada Water Library, Londan

#2 Nottingham-better known as Shotingham- Uni Library





spotted.Snoop chilin on a pre-game session with scalesurfer in LOndan****

Event Alert RIBA // + general updates (?)



for our stooopid readers in London that cant even be bothered to visit RIBA’s website (+) (architecture DOT com, omg),

some students that actually did not make it to the FG  “Epic Fails” (+ section of the Presidents Medals will be showing and explaining their work.


Why attend this event?

1. You will meet someone from Australia

2. You can bring along your empty moleskin and pepool will not laugh

3. Since you are all groupies of Factory.Fifteen, Mr.Tavares spends most of his mornings reading & replying your emails. Go ahead and ask him  your questions so that he and his crew get more free time to take over the world.

4. If you are hot: the Factory is looking for a new secretary. Maybe you get to be the lucky stoopid blonde to answer their phones (girls only as far as i know)

5. Basmah will be there

6. Each visitor gets to play with her acoustic prototype (2 rounds each)

7. THE FG TEAM will be around ^^


We just got an email that the AA FASHION will be joining again the Paris lifestyle in FALL 2018. They will be back with ultra radical briefs since the scale of the potential projects will be much smaller. Well known scale surfers, they are, stoopid fashion for little ugly kids will be the main design variable for the upcoming workshop. (more photos will be soon uploaded)


Factory Fifteen made it to the Channel 4 homepage.

To be honest, we dont really care but since it is super recent  (a few minutes ago) why not publish it?

Sunday Bluff// Model Deconstruction


just raising our equity by range merging the off-hand stats from our leader position with this post about destroying models…smashing things is super awesome.!!

the DeathFromAbove

the JustPlayin’Stoopid

the ItHitTheFan

the PrankCall

the DramaticOne


Architects explaining their ideas


We firmly believe that when an architect tries to communicate his ideas in order to explain his new masterpiece; the whole presentation transforms into a performance and the architect himself into an artist.

Check below so you can potentially accumulate a few of their techniques into your up coming presentations^^

The killer.look.

The working.in.parallel.

The having.the.right.moves.takes.time.

Som freestyle action

The clash.of.titans.

The the.buffet.is.waiting.

The sponsored.by.red.bull

The killer.look.No.2

The NOT.sponsored.by.red.bull.

The one.man.army.

graduated top of his class

The dragon.ball.style

The Utopian

no comment


President’s Medals // Epic Fail No.2 OR a cyborgian speculation for COD haters

hello again my weaklings,

after popular demand / following our “presidents medal epic fail No1″ (+) we decided to speculate on another super radical project-entry of PM 2011.
This time the pokemon wannabe starchitect is James Turner from Bath Uni.

We found his last project so influential that could not resist developing his initial visualizations. (we are sure he will continue with at least a 3year Phd degree in connection with his Bs1 Museum)

The project is so strong that questions the limits between real and virtual architecture. Thus, we believe, it would function much better in a cyborgian platform for more than one participant to interact. For instance his Museum, could benefit from the existing online game Counter strike.

Well played James. We rarely see projects that manage to curate front-end technologies and embrace post-industrial systems in the same time. If it was up to me, i would build the Bs1 tomorrow morning.

Link to the original project (+)

“BS1 Art aims to create a ‘Home for Bristol Art’. Bristol city centre bears the scars of wartime bombing, is strangled by post-war infrastructure and has been left forgotten by subsequent layers of development, with Castle Park as a physical memory of this broken cityscape. The site was created through an initial strategic masterplanning proposal for the wider city centre to create a new gravitational pull within the city. “

“The gallery aims to ‘make art more accessible’, through a diverse spatial journey and sense of heightened domesticity, making for a more familiar and accessible viewing experience. This is juxtaposed with a diverse range of architectural backdrops akin to the genre of art exhibited.”

“I believe art and architecture should manifest and communicate cultural values, although arguably ‘Most art [architecture] means nothing to most people’, due to their failings to communicate, or the misunderstanding of complex embodied messages. Creating a journey through the building, the human experience of transition, the entrance, and the subsequent experience of the building portrays an overall domestic scale, intentionally bringing the lofty art world down to a level within reach of all the intended users.”

“The proposal aims to use contemporary ornament, whereby the building as a piece of architecture [art], manifests and communicates the cultural conditions of its creation, integrated as ornament into the essential construction of the building through its detailing and materiality. This could present an argument, for a more culturally sustainable and timeless style of architecture that speaks of its time, place and society.”

“Ornament is not used in the traditional manner as an appliqué, but is carefully embodied into the overall narrative of the building, such as the familiar yet unfamiliar long format brickwork, and clipped expressive form developed from the idea of a simple pitched roof. “

cos you tend to ask a lot of stoopid questions lately, do not bother before consulting the “about?” page.
ciao bots


the Pooh Alert REPORT/LevelUp*

Goodmorning our little troll minions..

Wild week this one has been till now..But as you are aware, today is Thursday, and that means its only aggro-style…and to make things a bit more fair, here is a chance for you to gain mutiple level-ups at once.

As FG had previously informed you, we had the chance to attend the -fully packed- conference given by the Maas in Paris two weeks ago(first row bitch!).. we decided to share the vid of the whole thing so you can take some lessons, especially on Backstabbing.with.Discretion 4.03 (please, i know that videos with no animals and no fish-eye lens seem extremely boring to you, but please do your selves a favor)

NOTE1  Stay tuned for tonight’s bloodbath

NOTE2 if you watched the whole vid u have unlocked:

President’s Medals//Epic Fail No.1 OR a speculative research in the middle of nowhere

^^^, sup little bitchez!!?

Just yesterday we had a crazy night out with Winy the Maass. During the crazy champagne war action we had the chance to discuss a super juicy architectural topic.
The potential difference between stealing, copying and developping someone’s else idea.
Need I not refer to our close friend Mark.

Anyway, just after revealing to you both Part 1 & 2 President’s Medals Winners we have a series of projects which have caught our attention.

Today we will be sharing with you a continuation of Carl Fredrik Valdemar Hellberg’s work coming straight from the AA in London.

Here is a link to the original project submitted (+)

“In the desert northeast of Los Angeles in an abandoned city called California City the 739600m2 Second Community floats above the desert floor like a mountain avatar. In its crater the 1500 heliostatic mirrors reflect the light onto the artificial sky covering the desert of the trans-identity port. With a capacity of 40,000 people the port gathers in its featureless white space individuals open to role-play. “

“The Second Community explores an alternative identity tourism that goes beyond the virtual space of online role-playing games, the open desert of the Burning Man festival and the convention halls of Cosplayers.”

“Spanning half a kilometer the artificial desert of the port isolates the person in a void of imagination where the persona of an individual becomes a fugitive and creative semiotic gadget which collectively generate a public space of radical self exploration an experimentation.”

“The porous mountain avatar surrounding and supporting the sky of the port collects its energy from the concentrated solar power plant in the center of the crater, harvesting the power of the sun and delivers it to the caves around the centered port where the identity tourists prepare for the events in the port.”

“Totally! And I was like, this thing is full on ugly. Like a bridge on acid with all that metal and stuff. And oh my God, its freaking huge and it was so strange, cuz there were like no walls or doors and everything was like totally white.”

“There were like thousands of people totally doing weird cool stuff. You should totally come, its freakin gnarly!”

For the F.G team this was an opportunity to initiate a speculative research concerning projects in the middle of nowhere.

Big up to mi boi Valdemar and our hommies down the AA and RIBA