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Steven C. Harvey ● Machine Drawings

Insane and beautiful drawings that make our imagination fly

. . . enjoy . . .

Steven C. Harvey
Série Vehicles, 2006-2007
Crayon sur papier
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2009
© Photos : Steven C. Harvey

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Picture of the Day ● The Train

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Sci-fi 3D Heart // ze skills

Lately I got some free time so there is a crazy amount of new stuff i discover everyday classified as worth-sharing.

Just for you some mad 3D skills by

Aleksandr Kuskov AleksCG


a quick image from one of his other projects

city speculationz by atelier olschinsky

a bit of learn how to : draw on this post (lolz)

If you are still struggling with straight lines, have a moleskine or dont know your photoshop shortcuts..please leave now..

its not about pretty cool images here (lolz)\

Ubercool cityscapez by Atelier Olschinsky 


a bit of Mayne action // explaining his ideaz

Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982)

As promised here is the Blade Runner Sketchbook from 1982

Fortunately someone in the virtual interactive online platform of ISSUU was kind enough to share this document with the rest of agents, bots, humans and bees of the platform.

Link to issuu (+)

I dont want to say anything more since you may have not seen the movie yet ( I have not )

Just enjoy the pictures

Not a “bonus” this time but a

QUESTION for our readers

We received last night (not very late tho) an email with this attachment..

Whats the meaning of this image file? what does it mean?

any ideas?


Intelligence//gimme some more*

Allthough making an uber-sarcastic/funny/edgy post seems to be the most appropriate way of doing things around this site(we actually DO enjoy making fun of you, wha?), we decided to once again wash you with the light of experience/knowledge. So heads up ‘cos some serious shit is coming up….

Vasco Murao(+) is a Portuguese architect concentrating on the production of narrative drawings, redefining the edges between speculative and utopian concepts. Incredibly detailed line drawings of interconnected buildings reminiscent of medieval hilltop towns, come together to form projections of some futuristic, low-tech (yeah, wad’up Sci-Arc nerds..?) cityscapes, and even mutate to stipulate new  arrays of our built environment. All this Ink-style bitchez

Watch and learn.


                                                                                         this is GANGSTA..!