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Einstein’s God

”The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws.”

gist out of it?

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Gettin into Pareidolia [loading 65%]

if we are not too scientific, we are too straightforward to be fascinated

pareidolia may have helped early societies organize chaos and make the world intelligible for our ancestors.

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Simple def. [wiki]

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon, and hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse.

*Bot Special*

Evolutionary advantage-

-Carl Sagan hypothesized that as a survival technique, human beings are “hard-wired” from birth to identify the human face. This allows people to use only minimal details to recognize faces from a distance and in poor visibility but can also lead them to interpret random images or patterns of light and shade as being faces.

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muhaha..more to come ;)

Ethnic Forced Displacement // Jahalin Bedouins

Yo FG peepol,

ultra inspiring and real at the same time photography found on the profile of Giuliano Camarda (link)

The Arab al-Jahalin is the biggest bedouin community that lives in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho. This part of the West Bank is called Area C, where Israel retains control over security as well as planning and zoning, and holds strategic significance for further expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.
The bedouins live in miserable shacks, without electricity or running water, grazing their sheeps between debris and dreaming of the flourishing desert of Beersheva, where theyíve been forcefully evicted, across the
1949 armistice lines by Israeli authorities.

In the last 15 years the Bedouin communities have been subject to demolition, requisition of cattle, attacks by settlers, aimed to get away from the area. But despite this, the communities have shown determination and unbelievable resilience, who led the Israeli military authorities to draw up a “relocation” plan, presented last October. Ignoring the aspirations, needs, traditions and the system of relations inherent in the Bedouin culture, the plan provides the deportation and a forced establishment of the Jahalin tribe next to the Abu Dis rubbish dump. For other Bedouins living in the Jordan Valley is expected a similar fate, with the creation of a complex near Nabi Musa.
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Speculative Narrations // In For The Kill

Ha ha ha hah…

as you can see from these small, short laughs the FG team is in the mood to kill…

so we like saw this project on suckerpunch (+) click if you want to get al the autistic info like author, program bla bla..

and as back in the days, we decided to take this humble project two steps further..

speculative narration at its finest..

since u might not get this, this is what you get when you push your concept to the limits!!

^^ FG or DIE ^^

Excessive Workshop // why not ? lol

Well the situation is quite complicated here. I mean, I get your problem. You are chinese and found yourself in f*ckin Vienna! Yes, i know its cold. Then they told you… you had to do architecture and one day……the one and only…..THE HERNAN is coming to your city


You dont know any rules, but decided to break all of them.


lets replace this…

with THIS!

hahah fricking amazing!

I dont know..maybe im too dry to appreciate it or it was just a 3 day gathering to define who has the longest grasshopper d*ick..why not (?) in the end of the day

Conventional section & text following

“This project is based on two kinds of elements and their respective mutations. The white elements, which combine to form both the soft curvilinear and the hard straight body. They are the main structure and first layer of the enclosure. The black elements are more of an organic nature and work as the second layer of enclosure on the outside and as floors inside. The contrast and transition between these elements give the project its unique character.

The circulations of the tourists and pilgrims are separated. At the same time, different interior space for these 2 groups of people are created. The main Nave is on the top of the building and a bigger entrance square is created for the ceremonys during the year. The program inside the nave stays within the range a classic gothic cathedral offers, but the way how people enter the space and how the vision and visual impression changes when people move inside the cathedral becomes much more dynamic.”




Note: we liked a few other projects which came out of this Austrian gathering. This one tho was 2 cool 4 skool and could not hesitate


FG doggger

FG Calendar Pick\\ January 2012

Enjoy 2012 as long as its gonna last [ Mayas whaa?], abusing all the theories heard while waiting for the sun to explode, we never stopped focusing on having a plan on our next GOAL~~


Take it as it comes

i)Choose by which kitten is your next goal[most common]

ii)Plan your next goal ON(with for bots) your calendar pick ;)


Miranda Kerr

Heidi Klum

Petra Nemcova

Adriana Lima

Kelly Brook

Angelina Jolie

Cheryl Cole

Megan Fox

Audrain Patridge


{lov for bots –>bonus gallery on each months POLL winner }

Secret Interviews//part 1/3

Marcos Pellonis-journalist/christian-,

interviewed by some random chinese dude on the question of tru FAITH…among numerous hobbies, the strongest remain praying and dancing


“You find it weird, how i can combine my love for rave..good rave…Europes, with my love for God. Instead I do not find it strange at all. I’ve been going for years to parties. When i am dancing to the beat amongst thousands of others, something magical is happening. I feel my horizons of perception widening…100% natural…”

“What do i mean when i say that your horizons of perception are widening?..I am actually talking about a higher level of consciousness, and its the term to what the Indians used to call Kosmos, and thats an ancient greek word, that’s not by chance…I mean that music has the power to unlock a certain portal, where we have a universe inside the known universe. The invisible thread which ties the small with the big, and the part with the whole suddenly becomes visible. What else can God be..?”

“You ask me why i went to pray to the Virgin Marie. And i’m gonna answer that Marie is the coolest chick i have ever known. She has the most amazing vibes ever..”

“But its not only about that. I was watching the other day on N******* G********* a documentary about extreme weather conditions. It was showing an image of a polar bear, trapped on a piece of ice which was waving towards the uknown.towards its end. Then i realized that climatic change is something that affects all of us, and that music could not solve this problem by itself. Then i thought that Virgin Marie is the only one who can help. Mother Nature can be saved only by the help of another mother, Mother Marie.”


“thats how i decide to crawl on all fours to Her. to humble myself.even to crawl like a worm,in order to reach this gentle lady and ask from her to close the Ozone hole. to stop the climatic change. i thought, if Bono and Al Gore can, wouldnt the Virgin be able too…?”

“Maybe you didn’t see, i didnt try to show it in any case, that i crawled from the train station to the ferry. Ok, when i was on the ferry i was actually standing, but ok, thats not the point. The point is that only if we all together turn our eyes towards our inside and at the same time to the sky, to God,  does this planet stand a chance. I dance against climatic change, another is playing drums, another meditates…All good guys.everything is needed.”

“When i was crawling upwards, san evlepa golgotha swsto tin aniforia mprosta mou, as my knees started to bleed, a power inside me started to grow..completely new.itwas the power of the mother, of the Virgin. the power coming from understanding our obligation towards Kosmos.”


after being asked why he never enter the sanctuary to complete his journey

“You mean the balcony…[sighs]…no, i didnt enter…Outside….the whole picture…the whole church………Thats not the point though…The point lies between collective dansing and praying..for the Kosmos.”

“thanks a lot”


Thats all for now…stay tuned for part2/3// TRUE FAITH and LOVE

Syncronicity~\Taste it like its MSc.

Goodmorning bots!.

Hopefully by now you are familiar with scientific terms used in previous articles…good.

Playing it back2back with Apophenia (yes click) we ll be arguing with a common to yOu readers phraze




Mind Streaming Continuation


Being aware of everything going on around you, and controlling this ability to perform smth like that..

..makes ur high confidence start up

Such performances.. of achieving extreme excellence, are hard to obtain and furthermore.. rarely found..


Correct situational awareness

[=ability, in order to be good at tryouts as wanabee Wonderkids]

consists of:

  • extracting information from the environment

  • integrating this information with relevant internal knowledge to create a mental picture of the current situation

Basil Spence's first pencil impression of the Beehive

  • using this picture to direct further perceptual exploration in a continual perceptual cycle

  • anticipating future events

[Congrats. Mind Streaming continuation proccess approved(BEUNG!)]

…defining Situational Awareness as the continuous extraction of environmental information, the integration of this information with previous knowledge to form a coherent mental picture, and the use of that picture in directing further perception and anticipating future events.[Tick]

As usual bot experts can have their daily bonus

Improving SA

Enhanced Safety through Situation Awareness Integration

[MSc graduate bonus contest(trial version) coming soon]

thanks to our high.flying.friends (+)


Introducting Apophenia // Leave 0.05% out and GOTCHA

Yo my minion readers.

Until now you have responded quite well to all the “wisdom” posts in the FG. So we decided to kick up the level of your intelligence with a series of new articles

Please enjoy and get some XP points asap..


We find ourselves in an unquestioning, patternless existence where everything occurs seemingly without reason.

There is no learning from experience: “Once bitten, twice shy,” becomes “Once bitten, never shy,” and the rhythms of the natural world are unappreciated


Lets take alook

How We Believe (Times Books),Michael Shermer.Scientific American(+),

‘’I argue that our brains are belief engines: evolved pattern-recognition machines that connect the dots and create meaning out of the patterns that we think we see in nature. Sometimes A really is connected to B; sometimes it is not. When it is, we have learned something valuable about the environment from which we can make predictions that aid in survival and reproduction. We are the ancestors of those most successful at finding patterns. This process is called association learning, and it is fundamental to all animal behavior, from the humble worm C. elegans to H. sapiens.’’

Hmm..[believing that we are 70% on the same page here], a sample connection example is tested

Using evolutionary modeling(aha) and having a demonstration through it, Harvard University biologist Kevin R. Foster and University of Helsinki biologist Hanna Kokko in ’08.. tested the theory and tried to have a gist out of it:

They begin with the formula pb > c,

where a belief may be held when the cost (c) of doing so is less than the probability (p) of the benefit (b). For example, believing that the rustle in the grass is a dangerous predator when it is only the wind does not cost much, but believing that a dangerous predator is the wind may cost an animal its life. !!

Gist: natural selection will favor patternicity..whenever |the cost of believing a false pattern is real| is less than |the cost of not believing a real pattern|

[Our goal is to never fall under 80%.. Although reaching a high barrier consists a lot of  mind streaming continuation]



-weakness of human cognision=pervasive(to any direction) tendency of human beings to see order in random configurations


-[bot special(+)]

”the entire enterprise of science, after all, is the organized and rational search for order in the seeming randomness surrounding us'(skeptic)   + “Science is not formal logic, it needs the free play of the mind in as great a degree as any other creative art.”(believer) =“merely noting patterns or coincidences is not proof in and of itself but, applied properly, can be the creative leap needed to devise new and testable hypotheses.”(DBS Sceptic)

Being a bit fussy[open for anykind of fight] could never really help anyone, so lets experience the  proposed INJECTION on  meaningful coincidence in life

  • Every coincidence is meaningful
  • It  happens to everyone but the person far best qualified to comprehend them is the one whom they occur to
  • It  is usually confirmation of whatever it is you are engaged in at the moment.
  • All meaningful coincidences(Synchronicity) are indeed signs pointing us in a specific direction at the most opportune moment.

~Creativity + Apophenia~

[Bonus to start with +5%] Brugger describes a “‘relativity of creativity,’ i.e., [a] continuum from creative detection of real patterns at one end, to the ‘hypercreative’ interpretation of patterns in ‘noise’ [randomness] at the other end.”

Leonardo Da Vinci, utilizing this tendency in order to harness the creativity of his students, advised them to :

Look at walls covered with many stains . . . with the idea of imagining some scene, you will see in it a similarity to landscapes adorned with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, broad valleys, and hills of all kinds… also battles and figures with lively gestures and strange faces and costumes and an infinity of things which you can reduce to separate and complex forms.

[Nothing but net]

Apophenia, in its more benign(!) state provides us

1)a powerful tool to make sense and safety of the world and people around us.

2) it is a well-spring of pseudo-science and nonsense, an irrational leap bypassing reason and rationality.

science fiction

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