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Escape \\ Gueuroz Jacuzzi

X-treme sports 2013

Gueuroz Bridge, Switzerland is the place to be for now – nice to notice that except from the ski terrains there are also other extracurricular activities to be done there such as … extreme jacuzzing!

X-treme sports 2013 (1)X-treme sports 2013 (2)X-treme sports 2013 (3)X-treme sports 2013 (4)

NOTE: after  sunset photos not available due to heavy-bass sounds all over the place that resulted the camera to tremble

X-treme sports 2013

NOTE2 : Bungee Jumper Divers where sent back home due to ”too funny jokes during the fall that could result to drowning”


Winter time in Venice

Winter time in Venice!

make it rain b*tch

Photo collection by our reporter in Venice ☟