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Separate Reality by Alex Andreyev


holla! todays concept artist Alex Andreyev is St. Petersburg originated and gives a through-out  unique meaning to his creations .

pure view of a surrealistic mind

” I focus more on the expression of my creative concepts than on
technology or tools. While working in digital medium, I am free of
limitations of traditional tools.

GAMe On –

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Ruffin’ n Puffin’ — Paul Octavius




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3D artworks // Takanori Aiba

expanding his range through his life as a freelance maze illustrator, Takanori Aiba’s further permutation move was as concept maker and art director for architectural spaces. Let’s get more into a weird[naah] 3Dstyle of work – by his latest exhibition, under the name

“Adventures of the Eyes” 

”Aiba’s works make use of an aerial perspective, which like the diagram for a maze[wikimaze], shows the whole from above (macro view) while including minute details (micro view).”


exceptionally handled works

D     R     A     W     I     N     G                  –                  B     O     N     S     A     I

Takanori Aibas works – from the 13th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibition going on until Jan 2013(+)