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The Believing Neuron pt. 4/17 | Synaptic States

electric avenue

What are some |stoopid| things smart people do?

^-^   vs    ^-^

hahah.. this post is dedicated to all of you little minionz ,some wisdom ups for now by declaring 10 facts that trick your uber-complicated relation with existence.


1. Ignoring the importance of design and styleother ipod useWhen the  iPod originally came out, technical people complained  about its lack of features and perceived high price (“ooh, who cares about another MP3 player; I can go buy one at Best Buy for $50.”) In the meantime, it was so cool and easy to use that normal people went out in droves to buy it.

[a bit of hipster friendly example .. dont be happy u hipsters what u deserve is waiting in the corner]

 2. Following the pack ALL FOLLOWMany smart people often seem to be followers, probably because they grow up spending so much time pleasing others via academic and extracurricular achievement that they never figure out what they really like to work on or try anything unique. Smart people from top schools tend to flock into the same few elite fields, as they try to keep on achieving what other people think they should achieve, rather than figuring out whatever it is they intrinsically want to do.

[ thug life is and has always been  a smart first move for change..Extraterrestrial]

3. Failing to develop social skillsswanson_jpg_627x325_crop_upscale_q85

Some smart people focus exclusively on their narrow area of interest and never realize that everything important in life is accomplished through other people. They never try to improve their social skills, learn to network, or self-promote, and often denigrate people who excel in these areas. If you are already a good engineer, you are going to get 10x the return on time spent improving how you relate to other people compared to learning the next cool tool.

[hmm …bacon stripes .. bacn stips (extreme saliva flow atm)]

4. Focusing on being right above all elsetumblr_lyj0zflPe51qmxvwlo1_500

Many smart people act as if being right trumps all else, and go around bluntly letting people know when they are wrong, as if this will somehow endear others to them. They also believe that they can change other people’s minds through argument and facts, ignoring how emotional and irrational people actually are when it comes to making decisions or adopting beliefs.

[our well known chill-ninja fella above still murmurs about being no.4 ..]

5. Letting success in one area lead to overconfidence in others JackHidesBallLakers

Smart people sometimes think that just because they are expert in their field, they are automatically qualified in areas about which they know nothing. For instance, doctors have a reputation as being bad investors.


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Illusory Correlation




NEWS // Fake Rhino attempts to escape ! LOL

hahaha i just love peepol from China/Japan…random post to the bone !

According to BBC :

“A zoo in Tokyo has been simulating a rhino escape to prepare staff for a possible emergency.

Two employees wore a life-size rhino costume and tried to escape the compound before being hit with fake tranquilisers and trapped in nets.”

Mark Percy reports.




LOL // Hamsters FTW

Decided to avoid posting something already in the Queue to be published


thats the game we play 2nt

See you 2mo


BugFights2 // giant hornets Vs bees

because even i can be troled sometimes, here is some truly UNIQUE footage made by BBC(1)and NationalGeographic(2)…

Yes, no architecture in this post, but this is surely a MUST-SEE

so the first vid

the story of 30 giant hirnets invading a honeycomb of 30,000 normal bees...Careful, 1000 : 1..thats some scalesurfing….

Giant hornet feasting on bee nymphs…Hardcore…

Video number two

…Poor giant hornet scouter goes into the wrong honeycomb…ChCK out the action….

Is this supposed to be a rugby game lads?

Now wasnt that worth the time…?

TRUE Architecture// No.2

It is nice to have a laugh or two, but every now and then we must take a pause, recognize and praise a masterpiece such as the one following.   links to AWESOMNESS => (+)    (+)

The Los Angeles Design Group, reveiled their elaborated-allthough a bit over-worked to my taste-concept for some random fashion space after the completion of the competition, and if i might say….


“Pigs in a box” represents a  super radical scheme reconceptualised through a simple and fresh idea; using balloon animals and randomly fuck up the space.

Truly inspiring!!

i believe that even The BIG would be envious of such skills.!!

When looking at the plan i clearly can see the intention of the firm to cultivate plug-and-play thresholds, embodied into the almost schizophrenic anatomy of the parametrical apparatus inserted into a random box. Simply stunning!

*Even the renderings seem to enhance their concept of stratifying ruderal ecosystems through a deterritorialization of indexical grids

Just to see how a real bunch of geniuses sets up their office..maybe one day you can aspire the same levels of greatness…Yes, designers do it better, but you architecture bitchez can do it too…

Ben’s desk__Excruciating

Andrew’s desk__Gross

Noah’s desk__Eye-rollingly predictable

Untill our next post….

keep suckin ballz

NOTE1 This post is super serious!

NOTE2 This post is super awesome!!

NOTE3 DO not even think about start trolling about how pic#1 looks like a huge vagina….you just being ignorant!