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Dirt Poster

Dirt Poster is a Design and Graphic-Design work made by Roland Reiner Tiangco, a new graduate of a Design School, living in New York. While handling the poster, your hands starts to get dirty, and this dirt allows you to see what’s the poster is all about. Check out also the artist’s Website.


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Life Piles Project \\ Zach Johnsen

Morning shots from a series of drawings that are going to end up us a print set… Have a first look at Zach Johnsen’s final layer of drawing’s with really promising results

Preview Shots


Going on with the progress of the project, here is a look on the next step of Zach Johnsen as he explain’s it himself:
”I visited my friend Keegan at his print studio the other day to sit in on the printing of the first of my letterpress editions. I have never had prints made in this way before and it was really fun watching the progress. I am getting 3 letterpress prints made in total, 50 of each. The set will be called the Life Piles series. The orange blobs in the photos below are actually the plates for 2 of the drawings.. the third one is on the press getting inked..

Letterpress Progress Shots

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Fo Sho!

American City of Future (1925)