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We don’t need new laws for Twitter trolls


something different today coming from the guardian to all you trollz out there.

A spokesman for the Police Federation, Steve Evans, told Today: “The sheer scale of it is huge. Police resources are stretched almost to breaking point, so if we started trying to investigate every instance of stupidity within Twitter, then we would be really pushed.”

The body representing Britain’s chief police officers has rejected calls for new laws to govern how the police deal with the abuse of Twitter, saying that problems may eventually be resolved by the microblogging website itself.

The intervention by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) comes amid a debate over the policing of Twitter following a number of recent cases, including the arrest of a teenager in connection with tweets directed at Olympic diver Tom Daley and the jailing of a student for inciting racial hatred by tweeting about the footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Stuart Hyde, the chief constable of Cumbria, who speaks on e-crime for Acpo, said that it was right for police to intervene where individuals’ lives were being made a misery by Twitter “trolls”, but insisted that it was important for forces to take a “common sense” approach.

Asked if new laws were needed, Hyde told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “No, I think we have got quite a lot of legislation, dating back to the Malicious Communications Acts of 1998 and 2003. There is a lot there that helps us and gives us the power to do stuff.

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Street Attack by Filthy Luker

Some easy chillin’ visualz from Filthy Luker(+), russian artist, attacking the streets.

from here to there and everywhere in between…

and la gallerie as usual

Ethnic Forced Displacement // Jahalin Bedouins

Yo FG peepol,

ultra inspiring and real at the same time photography found on the profile of Giuliano Camarda (link)

The Arab al-Jahalin is the biggest bedouin community that lives in the desert between Jerusalem and Jericho. This part of the West Bank is called Area C, where Israel retains control over security as well as planning and zoning, and holds strategic significance for further expansion of illegal Israeli settlements.
The bedouins live in miserable shacks, without electricity or running water, grazing their sheeps between debris and dreaming of the flourishing desert of Beersheva, where theyíve been forcefully evicted, across the
1949 armistice lines by Israeli authorities.

In the last 15 years the Bedouin communities have been subject to demolition, requisition of cattle, attacks by settlers, aimed to get away from the area. But despite this, the communities have shown determination and unbelievable resilience, who led the Israeli military authorities to draw up a “relocation” plan, presented last October. Ignoring the aspirations, needs, traditions and the system of relations inherent in the Bedouin culture, the plan provides the deportation and a forced establishment of the Jahalin tribe next to the Abu Dis rubbish dump. For other Bedouins living in the Jordan Valley is expected a similar fate, with the creation of a complex near Nabi Musa.
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Speculative Narrations // In For The Kill

Ha ha ha hah…

as you can see from these small, short laughs the FG team is in the mood to kill…

so we like saw this project on suckerpunch (+) click if you want to get al the autistic info like author, program bla bla..

and as back in the days, we decided to take this humble project two steps further..

speculative narration at its finest..

since u might not get this, this is what you get when you push your concept to the limits!!

^^ FG or DIE ^^

Rem, Strelka, One.Man.Army

Lets get straight to the point,

the following videoz already exist for a while but since we got active and non-stoopid readers we decided that if any of you has not seen them yet…guess what?…

Its about F*ckin time!!!

This October, Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design will welcome its first ever class of students for its all-expense-paid postgraduate education program. The curriculum for the 2010-2011 academic year has been developed together with AMO, the think-tank for the international architecture bureau, OMA (the Office for Metropolitan Architecture). Research projects will be led by OMA head Rem Koolhaas, AMO director Reinier de Graaf and cultural advisor Michael Schindhelm.

The curriculum for Strelka is based on five interlocking research themes, which address issues at stake internationally that hold a particular relevance for Russia – from the preservation of the urban environment and migration to the future of energy and the role of virtual space.

Each course of study consists of a two-month-long foundations course, a research trip, and six months of instruction. During the foundations course, students will become acquainted with the themes of research for the main part of the program, mastering a series of critical and practical methods of working. After this, the students will take a research trip. The main instruction follows the winter holidays, during which time students will develop research projects, supervised by the world’s leading specialists and addressing five themes: design, energy, preservation, public space and thinning. The results of work on each of these themes will be publicly broadcast.

Strelka President Ilya Oskolkov -Tsentsiper explans, «Each of the five projects will be realized in a tangible form, on which a student of ours has worked in collaboration with some of the leading international theorists and practitioners. In this way, the student becomes a co-author of this particular story»

* * *

OMA warmly thanks the Berlage Institute for sharing this film
May 30, 2011

Rem Koolhaas: Three in One.

The lecture provides an overview of OMA’s recent thinking and will cover three interrelated topics: the growth of Preservation, and its blind spots; architecture and democracy; and the ongoing development of the office itself.

* * *