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Escape \\ Gueuroz Jacuzzi

X-treme sports 2013

Gueuroz Bridge, Switzerland is the place to be for now – nice to notice that except from the ski terrains there are also other extracurricular activities to be done there such as … extreme jacuzzing!

X-treme sports 2013 (1)X-treme sports 2013 (2)X-treme sports 2013 (3)X-treme sports 2013 (4)

NOTE: after  sunset photos not available due to heavy-bass sounds all over the place that resulted the camera to tremble

X-treme sports 2013

NOTE2 : Bungee Jumper Divers where sent back home due to ”too funny jokes during the fall that could result to drowning”


NEWS // Fake Rhino attempts to escape ! LOL

hahaha i just love peepol from China/Japan…random post to the bone !

According to BBC :

“A zoo in Tokyo has been simulating a rhino escape to prepare staff for a possible emergency.

Two employees wore a life-size rhino costume and tried to escape the compound before being hit with fake tranquilisers and trapped in nets.”

Mark Percy reports.