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Motion Technology / Superbien

 — a Ctscape Motion Light Installation



Fragile ◆ The Big Egg Hunt // by BREAD

I imagine most of you are familiar at this point with the “Big Egg Hunt” that took place in London [not really sure if its still on]

Here is a great entry by Bread who brought some top class digital fabrication atmosphere with their Egg.

“Fragile was a pretty daunting construct, fabricated from just over 1 Kilogramme of selectively laser sintered nylon – donated and manufactured by the DMC – thats quite a small amount of material for an elliptical volume over 750mm tall and 450mm wide. Not to mention that the majority of elements are just a few millimetres thick. Due to its complexity, the shape had to be split into separate shells which were assembled in a negative mould. Each shell was joined by ‘tapping’ using a soldering iron (not all to dissimilar from how you would locate metal panels for welding) and then fixed with epoxy resin.

It’s always difficult to appreciate how the complexity one can create in the digital realm will manifest in the physical, so it was a rather nerve racking process watching the egg take shape. Suffice it to say, everyone was pretty pleased with the final result.”

via the BREADblog (+)

Ze Video ☞ Click


Meanwhile in L.A there is some “show me the money” action ^^