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Dreams of Caras Ionut

todays artist won our admiration on his surreal ‘fishy’ manipulations ..

some of his own words on inspiration

”My imagination and work are captivated by dreams and by the autumn and winter seasons. Although positive dreams are a big theme in my work. I also like to visit the darker side of what people may see of dreams, not necessarily what one would see as negative, but possibly a dream that one could not quite understand or may feel alone.”



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Art Apps \\ 3D puzzle

On behalf of his new launch for a 3D puzzle game for Android phones (click to see,  kickstarter) , gif artist Dain Fagerholm presents us his series of stereographic drawings which are pretty similar to the concept of the game

Gifs FTW ☛ Dain Fagerholm style

Dain Fagerholm

The name of it .. PENROSE!



Jap Math


Hacks \ Bend down the corner

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Pwned News \\ Davidope + Eye, Robot

some last vicious dope  shots from Davidope. – according to his personal site so.

enjoy  ..



compilation of student work from Eye,Robot  at SCI-Arc Fall 2012.

“Eye, Robot” focuses on the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography. The course explores robotic motion control as a creative medium for designers, mainly through the use of the custom robotic animation software platform, designed specifically for the SCI-Arc Robot House. The platform has the unique ability for the designer not only to design motion, but also to program, simulate, and speculate all at the same time. This type of animation space suspends the distinction between simulation, speculation, and ‘the real’, making it very hard for one to determine which is which while questioning traditional notions of architectural representation.[click for gallery]

Course: Eye,Robot : Introduction to Robotics

Instructors: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

@ The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). 

**Quiz \ Nifty Surrealism

Culture Spaces \\ Kunsthaus Tacheles


This is (not) a story from a time long ago

”As soon as the Berlin Wall opened, an artists activist group reclaimed the site  as a cultural hub in the newly reunified city, taking it over..

Kunsthaus Tacheles

..they chose the name Tacheles for its location in the former Jewish quarter, after a Yiddish word meaning ‘to reveal’ or ‘to bring to a close’..


..this project by the group, Künstlerinitative Tacheles (Artists Initiative Tacheles), spread so quickly that the city government adopted a policy of leniency and delayed demolition by declaring the site a historic landmark..

Bridge in Tacheles

..artists signed a ten year lease in 1998 with owner Johannishof GmBH, but by the time it expired, ownership had been transferred to HSH Nordbank, extremely eager to remove the artists altogether..


..meanwhile, the building was painted in bright colors and held several sculptures using found objects . Tacheles held a cinema, performance space, workshops, and exhibition spaces..


About 400,000 tourists visited the site last year for a taste of the carefree past of Berlin, when artists flocked to former East Berlin for cheap rents and anything felt possible in the reunified city. ”

2013-02-05_013315HINT:’the property stands on a site about three times the size of the one occupied by New York’s Empire State Building.'(that’s a clue!)

Kunsthaus Tacheles Gallery

 (+ . +)

Chalwa Drops // Weinventvou

after the X-tend Trip of Davidope – here comes another bright .gif maker under the name weinventvou -

weinventvouweinventvou3lastlight dazzledchanfrye

this series could easily be folded under the name ”smashing simplicities”-

see.u.soon botzsalviaeffect1


Epic Fails – Whaat a Save!

thats a clear example of architecture thats never gonna  fail! . WELL DONE to the inspired architect\constructor that told to himself .

”if so. yeah. an opportunity of worldwide status significance for me. lets do it!”

all that said due to the X-MAS tree style skyscraper – that may have been vacant for many years. but were sure throws the best New Year after-parties in NK.

Well done to the whole structure idea that once a year has its glory and can never be confirmed as a FAIL.

good job.

| First Clicks [pt.074-21]

good fuckin’ morning bots!

 back.to.basics style for now.


first click ever

The first permanent photograph ever taken, by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826.


first art syncronicity photograph

“Dali Atomicus” by Philippe Halsman.

This photograph was shot live.  It took 26 attempts, & over five  hours to get it to look like this.  Halsman would count, & on  ‘four’, Salvador Dali would leap in the air, three assistants would  throw cats, one other assistant would chuck the bucket of water, &  Halsman’s wife would hold the chair as Halsman took the picture.


first greatest sports photograph

Neil Leifer’s iconic photo of Muhammad Ali’s knockout of Cleveland Williams in 1966.


first hug for science photograph

A photograph from the October 1927 Fifth Solvay International Conference, where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory. The leading figures were Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Einstein, not completely convinced with Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principle,” said “God does not play dice.” Bohr replied, “Einstein, stop telling God what to do.”


furthest earth photograph

Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles, at the edge of our solar system.

Earth is the blue dot that can be seen at the middle of the picture seeing right

..still remains the Earth’s most distant photograph.


first “OWNED” photograph

Muybridge’s The Horse in Motion, 1878

In 1872, the former governor of California Leland Stanford, a businessman and race-horse owner, hired Muybridge for some photographic studies. He had taken a position on a popularly debated question of the day — whether all four feet of a horse were off the ground at the same time while trotting.

Muybridge settled Stanford’s question with a single photographic negative showing his Standardbred trotting horse Occident airborne at the trot.


hopefully more to come on that topic ;)



Loop Animation \\ Cloned Motion Gifs

starting the experiments with cloned motion in video(2004-present) and evolve them through the years, inspired todays artist Erdal Inci, based in Istanbul,of producing some spectrum affiliated(lol) animated gifs.


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