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Neri Oxman la.princezia – Materialecology


I imagine you are all familiar with the groundbreaking architect and designer who looks to nature for inspiration, a.k.a Neri Oxman.

Admit it, the first time you saw a photo of her you said “ooh f*ck shes hot!!..at least for an architect” (depends on ur taste)

Anywayz, Neri la princess (cos the queen place is already taken in the architecture world..if u know what i mean) is giving a lecture you should all attend if possible

Her work across the disciplines of art, science, design, and ecology transforms experimental design into eco-activism. The founder of MATERIALECOLOGY, an interdisciplinary design research initiative, Oxman is an assistant professor at the MIT Media Lab, and her work is part of the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

That awkward moment…

Back to the lecture info:

neri OXMAN
“Finding Form: at the Crossroads of Art, Science, Technology, and Environmentalism”
Wednesday, 03/21
6.00 pm / Freeman Auditorium
Woldenberg Art Center
Tulane University
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

(photo above via our beloved suckerpunch link)

High Line 3 // New York – Diller Scofidio + Renfro


still surfing the “SS” zone, we repost from architizer the new Scofidio project just released.

“At a crowded public meeting last night in Chelsea, landscape architect James Corner and architect Ricardo Scofidio presented the first renderings of the preliminary design for the High Line, Phase 3. The project, which is expected to be completed by 2014 at a cost of $90 million, will extend in several directions: the “Spur”, a new urban node hovering above the junction of 30th Street and 10th Avenue, complete with….Keep reading here


hello again,

as every blogger knows, sunday is the day to attract as many possible bots as possible and raise your views. 

However, if you are an FG.addict you already know that we dont really give a f*ck

This post is dedicated to the:


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Looking at this old banner, my emo side got stimulated and decided to open FG archive from last year and dump a few random files in here:

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NEWS // Fake Rhino attempts to escape ! LOL

hahaha i just love peepol from China/Japan…random post to the bone !

According to BBC :

“A zoo in Tokyo has been simulating a rhino escape to prepare staff for a possible emergency.

Two employees wore a life-size rhino costume and tried to escape the compound before being hit with fake tranquilisers and trapped in nets.”

Mark Percy reports.




Update : Zaha signs for Central.Bank.Iraq


remember a few weeks ago when we wrote about Zaha making her first project in Iraq a.k.a where she was born ?

Click here for the Post : “Zaha killin’it in Iraq

“Zaha Hadid signed the agreement to design the new Central Bank of Iraq at a ceremony held at the Iraqi Embassy in London.

The Baghdad-born architect won the project – her first in her native land – 18 months ago and is about to start work on the detailed design.

The bank will stand on the banks of the Tigris and is intended to be a symbol of a new Iraq, though security remains a key design requirement.

It will replace the existing modernist headquarters – designed by Danish practice Dissing & Weitling in 1985 and built from marble-clad reinforced concrete with few exterior openings – which was stormed by insurgents in 2010..

* * *

… continue reading at bdonline (Take me there powerful internet)