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Intarsia|Marquetry – Tilo Uischner

luv.luv for yOu Aussie FG addicts.

special wood artwork(a.k.a intarsia-marquetry[wikihelp]) from Tilo Uischner —


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Marine Sextants // Some lost knowledge

“The sextant is a majestic work of technology elegantly combining no less than three genius inventions. It consists of a telescope (necessary inventions: glass grinding; optics), a mirror, and a frame. If you know how to use a sextant, you can use it to find the distance between any two points in the sky.”

we always love intricate mechanisms like these here at the FG, so here it is. Simple, no?

— rennaissance dudes playing with the first sextant —

as simple as that.


^ Because we can ^