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kittens + architecture ● L0L5

hahahah to be honest we came across different versions of the LOLcats a while ago, but just found the way to the source. So why not; lets post about it!

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Suck it bitchez. Winy the MAAAS and his crew are in for the KILL


provokes 9/11 feelings

and threatening the MVRDV office in their Facebook page.

The project just got approved without any changes for January 2013

“Despite the outrage provoked by MVRDV’s ‘The Cloud,’ which saw the world-renowned architectural firm lambasted with complaints and calls for design revisions, the South Korean developer financing the project will not make any changes to the scheme. According to Australia’s News.com, a spokesman for the Yongsan Development Corporation today stated that ”allegations that it [The Cloud] was inspired by the 9/11 attacks are groundless,” adding that the project will continue unchanged onto construction phases, which are set to begin in January 2013 as scheduled. MVRDV’s inflammatory design features twin luxury residential towers, one 60 stories high and the other 54, bridged by a ‘pixelated cluster of additional amenities’–the formal impression of which greatly recalls images of the imploding World Trade Center (if you don’t see it, Gawker‘s got your back). The architects issued a rather clumsy apology, assuring the offended they meant no harm and citing the dubious claim that not once in the presumably weeks-to-months-long design process had they realized the resemblance between their project and the most iconic architectural statement of the last century. In the span of a week, media attention surrounding The Cloud, which could be branded as this year’s Park 51, has grown to become the biggest architectural news of 2011. Well, aside from Zaha, maybe…”

yo 2 architizer

the Pooh Alert REPORT/LevelUp*

Goodmorning our little troll minions..

Wild week this one has been till now..But as you are aware, today is Thursday, and that means its only aggro-style…and to make things a bit more fair, here is a chance for you to gain mutiple level-ups at once.

As FG had previously informed you, we had the chance to attend the -fully packed- conference given by the Maas in Paris two weeks ago(first row bitch!).. we decided to share the vid of the whole thing so you can take some lessons, especially on Backstabbing.with.Discretion 4.03 (please, i know that videos with no animals and no fish-eye lens seem extremely boring to you, but please do your selves a favor)

NOTE1  Stay tuned for tonight’s bloodbath

NOTE2 if you watched the whole vid u have unlocked: