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demonstrations – caleb charland

really nice opportunity and way of thought contributed to the idea on today’s artist


The way we understand the world relies so much on our ability to measure it. Given that many measurements are based on the proportions of the human body its clear we measure stuff to find our place amongst it all and to connect with it in some way.”

copper wires attraction

”For me, wonder is a state of mind somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty. It is the basis of my practice and results in images that are simultaneously familiar yet strange. Each piece begins as a question of visual possibilities and develops in tandem with the natural laws of the world. Serendipitously, this process often yields unexpected results measurable only through photographic processes. The human presence and artifacts of the process provide a clue to the creation of the photograph while adding to the mysterious nature of the image. My hope is that this work affirms that even within the well tested laws of science there are, and must always be, pathways to reinterpretation and discovery.”

ch.check it out

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(All images are created in-camera, on a flatbed scanner, or in the darkroom. No content is created or added digitally)
© caleb charland

Risk it for a biscuit | feat.Johan Thörnqvist

yeah! let’s do it! Risk it for a biscuit play for now. —

— by acting in a small percentage to the outcome of the picture — (40%MSC)

JUST one way  of design spectrum, creating a ”world” out of it  ,here is a peak of  Johan Thörnqvist work(personal site –>Snarlik)

Real Time Photos


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Aluna Clock Project \\ 2012 Olympics London

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The clock has been called Aluna [very obvious name]. It is a word from the Kogi indigenous people of Colombia[100% understood]. Ms Williams. “It means memory, possibility, it’s also being in tune with the planet’s rhythms and living in harmony with our planet.”

London’s Science Museum curator David Rooney, is also involved with the project.

He said that people had become “completely besotted with clocks and watches”.

“Isn’t it about time that we looked up and out a little bit to those natural time cycles of this spinning rock underneath that Moon we all see?

“It’s these time cycles that we human beings are wired to – the patterns of day and night.”

The Creator of Aluna

Artist Laura Williams is the creator of the Aluna clock. Laura wanted to create an inspiration that would teach the public that the natural rhythms of water are being ignored at our own peril. Laura considers the project to be a mixture of art, science and spirituality.

Quotes of the artist on the design

“There are three giant concentric rings made from recycled glass, light shines through from the glass in time with the Moon’s cycles so the largest ring shows the lunar phase.”

“Gradually the light waxes on all the way around the ring and connects full circle when it’s full Moon.”

“The second ring is like the big hand of the clock. It’s a marker of light that tracks the Moon around the globe so that’s the lunar day cycle.”

“The third ring – the smallest – is the small hand that tracks the tide as it goes from high tide to low.”

Aluna 3D Film

Features of Aluna

Aluna features three concentrically constructed glass rings. The rings will be made of recycled glass. Each ring will be illuminated by LED lights that will show the different phases of the moon. The illumination of light showing these phases will be called Aluna time. Aluna will be powered by the tides of the Thames River. Once Aluna is up and running, it is said to be able to generate enough revenue by producing enough energy to light 200 homes in its home city of London. They Mayor of London has a climate change action plan that intends to spearhead the energy revolution. Initial talks have been held with the landowners, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority and London’s Borough of Tower Hamlets regarding the potential location of the clock project. It will be considered a legacy for London that will bring a positive impact on the regeneration efforts of East London and the Thames Gateway. The Greenwich Council has given their endorsement of the project and is now hoping to bring the project to the Thames by 2012.

The Aluna designers see the sculpture as a combination of artistic, scientific and educational project. People will be able to “interact” with the Aluna, walk around the sculpture, enjoy the large space in its centre, and sit on the lower part of the Lunar Phase ring.

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Syncronicity~\Taste it like its MSc.

Goodmorning bots!.

Hopefully by now you are familiar with scientific terms used in previous articles…good.

Playing it back2back with Apophenia (yes click) we ll be arguing with a common to yOu readers phraze




Mind Streaming Continuation


Being aware of everything going on around you, and controlling this ability to perform smth like that..

..makes ur high confidence start up

Such performances.. of achieving extreme excellence, are hard to obtain and furthermore.. rarely found..


Correct situational awareness

[=ability, in order to be good at tryouts as wanabee Wonderkids]

consists of:

  • extracting information from the environment

  • integrating this information with relevant internal knowledge to create a mental picture of the current situation

Basil Spence's first pencil impression of the Beehive

  • using this picture to direct further perceptual exploration in a continual perceptual cycle

  • anticipating future events

[Congrats. Mind Streaming continuation proccess approved(BEUNG!)]

…defining Situational Awareness as the continuous extraction of environmental information, the integration of this information with previous knowledge to form a coherent mental picture, and the use of that picture in directing further perception and anticipating future events.[Tick]

As usual bot experts can have their daily bonus

Improving SA

Enhanced Safety through Situation Awareness Integration

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