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History of Naturally Occuring Fractals

back.in.the.day style for now

– following Fractal Geometry \\ Naturally Occuring Fractals

feeling the way. adjusting the moment . forwarding the power

Kösseine Creek – Dark Water

Skeidarársander, Iceland – Milky Mainders

Waitaku, New Zealand – Champagne Pools

Bay of Ghoubbet Djibouti -Tears

Photo © Bernhard Edmaier

Dinosaur buildings !

How buildings look like is of a major interest for architects and designers.

Lets take a look at some radical proposals

In the final chapter of Noah’s Arkitecture, we look at the oldest and most fearsome creature of all to have inspired towering structures in its image: the dinosaur.

When completed in 1970, Dinny the Dinosaur, built to the north of Interstate 10 in Cabazon, California, was described by its creator as “the first dinosaur in history, so far as I know, to be used as a building.”

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Fractal Geometry \\ Naturally Occuring Fractals

Having a discussion earlier today with Prof. Matsoukis on Coastline Fractals.. and the way there is an evolutionary pattern in almost everything ( leaves, rivers, clouds ,stocks, galaxies, population patterns), fractal behavior came really HIGH on my list.

Here are some  naturally occuring fractals that exist, existed, and will continue to exist [considering HALE scale](+)

Continuing in a friendly manner, one taste of a Digital Fractal Landscape

XP UPGRADE [to get you more into it]

Dr. Lipton’s point of view on Fractal Geometry

[+low mind streaming continuation approved+]

off in a Mandelbrot way


Sustainability // Lord Tesla

it has been ages since Nicolas Tesla showed to the world some pretty hardcore shit with his experimentations on electricity production through his Tesla coils…

*Tesla old school playa*


in 2012 the game will be stepping up to

the next level…

—-definetely keep an eye on :


they have been up and running in the field of tesla coils and electricity for about 20 years now. amongst numerous projects some that we find remarkable

-a 1/12 scale prototype perfectly working, producing incredible amounts of energy

-Wireless power (OH YEAH BBITCHEZZ)

-a 110,000 volt Plasma gun *no mercy*

and much more cool shit…


greab some knowledge while you can..

c you soon…sooner than soon

A Dedication

To all our friends @weeatyellowsnow (+)…Luv

MONSTER*Kill // bullshitting other fellow bloggers


how are you my little cyborgian trolls.?
Making fun of other people & their ideas or work is still a cool activity. The whole thing gets to a new level when ur victims do not get your no-life hobby and try to encounter you in a normal discussion. Furthermore, level up^^ is gained only when the victim realizes you are sarcastic but still tries to encounter you in a normal discussion.

We have a very long library of “comment-reply” situations while just posting bullshit to other blogs. Its time we reveal a few examples.

———- o——

1.This little guy updated his blog with his new creation

Future-Giraffes:Well, I agree on the progress idea, but I think your drawing is also helping to reinvent underfund edges of mental/or real spaces. keep the radical work      (hahhahahahah)

Edward Bedinghaus:Thanks for the insight about the undefined edges between real and mental space. Im working on a design project and may have to give that concept more consideration

———- o——

2.This pokemon decided to post the photo of a super radical concept

Future-Giraffes:Im sorry to tell you but these two case studies do not struggle to find their place in the metropolis’ kingdom. They are amplifying probabilistic thresholds so they can survive/adapt in the so called metropolis (hahahahahha)

Giovanni Cervi:Maybe you are right. But i really think they represent our inner life and soul, not just structures (LOL!)

———- o——

3.This pokemon shared with us his recent masterpiece

Future-Giraffes: Great drawing! you have successfully implemented distributed methodologies with your technique. keep up the radical work!

Titirangi Storyteller: Gorgeous! (hahahha)

Cameravagrant: Very cool! Seems like you are multi-telented (WHAAAT?)

———- o——

4. OMG this troll is still sharing useless inventions like a female tie

Future-Giraffes: Wondering if THIS can help to reveal bleeding-edge mapping of the human body? (bitch pleaase)

Pedro Salma: yeahh, that’s right!! (Thats what im talking about hahaha)

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(neri THE LESBIAN oxman)

Event Alert!//THE POOh in Paris

We are happy to let you know that we just received Winy’s official invitation for his lecture in Paris!
As future-giraffes team we are really looking forward to the event!

Who knows. Maybe we are lucky enough and going to hit some fresh ink in Paris with THE POOH.


IF you dont already know time & location
you are not supposed to

(please dont ask for that info at any of our admins)