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kittens + architecture ● L0L5

hahahah to be honest we came across different versions of the LOLcats a while ago, but just found the way to the source. So why not; lets post about it!

Images via ☞ Link

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Architects Explaining their ideas // Part 2


remember our first post on ☞ “architects explaining their ideas ?” hahah

This time Cory Monteith was kind enough to explain his ideas in front of the FG jury

FG : Why buildings fall down ?

CM : No f*cking idea !

FG : So, you had dinner with Bjarke; how was his girlfriend ?

CM : mmmm

– Clients wanted me to change my initial design….

– “no comment”

FG : Will Pete the Eisenman ever win the Pritzker ?

CM : ….

FG : Any comment on starchitects wearing o.n.l.y black?

CM: Lol (silent lol)

– Zaha called and invited me as a guest to a crit in Vienna..I was like BOOM!

– Dont even get me started on summer parties in Maximiliano’s house ^^

*  * *

enough for tonight.

FG team is going out in Paris to spott some new secretaries



LOL // Ryan Gosling architecture meme


a new toy for the architecture trolls out there.

We discovered this blog earlier today and said..hellyea lets share this fo sho

I ♥ Tumblr for these random blogs I discover every now and then

Click ☞ Here for the original source

anyway lets get started:


Thats all for now

See u sooner than soon



Optical illusions // Riusuke Fukahori style


the images of that spanish/italian/random dude going all over cities

painting opticall illusions

have become superseeded…

here is some Far-East mystical shit from the sensei  Riusuke Fukahori in action….!! (+)