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kittens + architecture ● L0L5

hahahah to be honest we came across different versions of the LOLcats a while ago, but just found the way to the source. So why not; lets post about it!

Images via ☞ Link

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Le Bananas a.k.a the.BOSS // new FG author

we proudly present you:

the newest addition to the team. A huge & aggressive player who will be taking care of any single starchitect and wannabe gay designer.

Fashionistas with ur moleskinez beware!

As a small preview “Le Boss” while killing a stoopid architect :

and moments before his attack to the city of San Francisco

! ! !

Science // Troll Physics

Science That Makes You Bang Your Head On The Wall

Ever wished to fly to the moon? Ever wished to travel around the world with minimal cost, avoiding airport security? The Troll Scientists are here to give you a solution, or not…
Apparently, Troll Science is what the name suggests. Fake “scientific” ideas to make the world better, which are not true, for the sole purpose to troll people who know their science. Nonetheless, we really wished this science was real.



via : savthecoder (+)

Architects Explaining their ideas // Part 2


remember our first post on ☞ “architects explaining their ideas ?” hahah

This time Cory Monteith was kind enough to explain his ideas in front of the FG jury

FG : Why buildings fall down ?

CM : No f*cking idea !

FG : So, you had dinner with Bjarke; how was his girlfriend ?

CM : mmmm

– Clients wanted me to change my initial design….

– “no comment”

FG : Will Pete the Eisenman ever win the Pritzker ?

CM : ….

FG : Any comment on starchitects wearing o.n.l.y black?

CM: Lol (silent lol)

– Zaha called and invited me as a guest to a crit in Vienna..I was like BOOM!

– Dont even get me started on summer parties in Maximiliano’s house ^^

*  * *

enough for tonight.

FG team is going out in Paris to spott some new secretaries



LOL // Ryan Gosling architecture meme


a new toy for the architecture trolls out there.

We discovered this blog earlier today and said..hellyea lets share this fo sho

I ♥ Tumblr for these random blogs I discover every now and then

Click ☞ Here for the original source

anyway lets get started:


Thats all for now

See u sooner than soon