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Much in Little \\ Niemeyer Mural at São Paolo

kobra mural niemeyer 9

Brazilian mural artist Eduardo Kobra and his assistants paint the side of a 56-meter high building for about 17 floors ~ 190 feet , portraying Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who passed away last December at the age of 104.

.located along Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo.


In Dreams / UK 2011 by Samuel Blain

yo yo ,

via onedotzero we spotted the work of Samuel Blain

ch ch check it out ☟

A profound and experimental documentary focusing on the weirdest and most vivid dreams of normal individuals. After numerous interviews, five of the most imaginative talking heads were selected for the documentary. Each story is heightened by enhancing the live action with computer-generated imagery, replacing the faces with a visual representation of their mind. Graduation project for the recently established Motion Graphics and Animation course at Northumbria University.