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Circle Square Triangle

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via the project ”Further Abstracts” by Alma Alloro

Ctscape Illustrations \\ Josh Raymond

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Josh Raymond’s cityscape illustrations for now, specially for our readerz in Oceania -hophop-

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ART // Drawings by Juan Francisco CASAS

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Lets starts this sunday morning with something INSANE and easy to watch.

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Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz was born in La Carolina, Jaén, 21 September 1976. He got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and a Master in Fine Arts in 2003 from the University of Granada. During his studies he was first in his class and won the National Award for Master Thesis of the Ministry of Education and Science for the best graduate qualifications in Spain, an award which was presented by Culture Minister, Pilar del Castillo.

In 2000, he received the scholarship of Teacher Education and Research. From that year until 2004 he completed his PhD at the University pf Granada while also teaching drawing and printmaking in their Department of Drawing.

In 2002 he was selected for the INJUVE Art Show, at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and later toured the capitals of Latin America. Since this year he is represented by Galería Fernando Pradilla (Madrid) and Galería El Museo (Bogota, Colombia), but has also done collaborations with Galeria Luis Adelantado (Valencia-Miami), Galeria Metta (Madrid) or Ferrán Cano Gallery (Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca), among others.

In 2004 he won the prestigious ABC Prize of Painting, the president of the jury being the artist Luis Gordillo, and the award was given by Culture Minister Pilar del Castillo.

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ART // Iain Macarthur

The last days we are in a mission to share cool artists that not everyone is aware of!

Take your time, scroll down and enjoy Iain Macarthur’s creations


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