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Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters


lets start with that..


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Anywayz, lets get started with this creative dad. While most of you take time to shoot ur plant or ur cat this guy made a whole narrative our of his daughters’ every day life. We def enjoyed it!

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Envisioning Disney Characters in Real Life

Most of you grew up with the following characters and probably most of you are already familiar with the work of :

Jirka Väätäinen (+)

“A Finnish graphic design student based in Bournemouth, UK. Passionate about all 
kinds of visuals. Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Digital Art, Illustration and all that jazz”

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LOL // Top 10 Kids in Construction Business

Exclusive photo coverage on the

“Finest of making”

event held in Stuttgart last week.

If there is any potential in architecture im sure is located somewhere between this age range. Imagine how cool it would be if an office actually did a workshop with kids and try to turn their naive designs into buildings. Total controversial design process, but maybe it would work.

big up 2 mi boiz in google for the extremely funny n stoopid photoz



and a small hit from reality, cos not everything is funny : (