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Logic // Atheistic Test No.1 // Coca-Cola & Banana


We stumbled upon a super cool article by DBSkeptic on how Theists have been doing their best to try and trip atheists with ‘logic’ for a long time! (irony is all over the place already)

Test No.1

The Coca-Cola can and the designer of the banana!

This test simply serves to highlight how ignorant anti-evolutionists are of the theory. It assumes that the only alternative to creationism is a chaotic system of random events and outcomes. This is not evolution. Evolution is the opposite of pure chance.

The tester points out that a Coca-Cola can is perfectly suited for use by human beings.

So clearly, it must have a maker.

In the same way, a banana is perfectly ‘designed’ for human beings, as illustrated by the following points:

1. Its shaped to fit in the human hand!

2. It has a non-slip surface

3. It has a tab for the removal of the wrapper

4. Your girlfriend use it occasionally

5. Its perforated on the wrapper

6. Has a point at top for the ease of mouth entry !!

7. Its pleasing to the taste buds

The test claims that because of its human-specific attributes,

the banana must have a designer.! !

“To say that the banana happened by accident is even more unintelligent than to say that no one designed the Coca Cola can.”



Evolution – when defined by the tester as random cause and results – cannot explain this. Properly-defined evolution can. Human beings evolved and learned to use fruits a source of sustenance, while plants evolved to use animals as a medium to spread their seeds.

Plants must send their offspring far away in order to prevent population from building excessively in an area which would result in resource depletion. Plants have different ways of propagating their seeds: daffodils use the wind; coconuts use the ocean. Many fruits – like the apple or the banana – use animal carriers: the animals eat the fruit and spread the seeds (by throwing them away or through their feces). A plant that successfully gets animals to eat its fruit has a better chance of replicating than a plant that produces tasteless, hard-to-eat fruit.


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