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Art Apps \\ 3D puzzle

On behalf of his new launch for a 3D puzzle game for Android phones (click to see,  kickstarter) , gif artist Dain Fagerholm presents us his series of stereographic drawings which are pretty similar to the concept of the game

Gifs FTW ☛ Dain Fagerholm style

Dain Fagerholm

The name of it .. PENROSE!



Jap Math

1904 Acrojugglers / Thomas Edison

A Japanese juggler performs some marvelous juggling feats with a boy. Lying on his back on the floor, he spins the boy with his feet and makes him turn numerous somersaults.

rumors as the first Thomas Edison film.


Edison Manufacturing Co. 1904




live from the FG Secretary tryouts Stage 6 downtown Brooklyn studio

Keepin’ on .. ;)

Camouflage Subdivision [pt.071-16]

-mostly for air protection, a rural subdivision camouflage was synthesized by the Army Corps of Engineers during the WWII for hidden airplane production. it was located and known as the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant for obvious(!) protection from enemies.


[tip – zoom in the differences]

and now this is the view as it was before the transformation..

for more information on the story around that -an article from a California lover Dennis Cassey on whats going on with the title

The ”Disguise of California- ( + )


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Exemplary use of chinese! Nice to see that SciArc finally embraced the       FG attitude!!

Book Scanimation ~~ Moiré

”Inspired by Seesaw, an earlier book from the publisher, in a playful and at the same time minimalist way the Japanese designer Takahiro Kurashima establishes a link to the motif of a “School of Seeing” that has long occupied a special place in the program of Lars Müller Publishers.”

”Poemotion is an interactive book-object. The abstract graphical patterns in this small volume are set in motion as soon as you move the attached special foil across them: moiré effects allow complex forms to develop, set circles in motion and make graphical patterns vibrate.”

” With this book the viewer can discover how, as if by magic, figures and forms are created out of optical overlays, set in motion and then disappear again. In the era of digitalization this book shows that interactivity is also possible in the format of the analogous, bound book.”

Design: Takahiro Kurashima, Junji Hata
17 x 22.5 cm / 6 3/4 x 9 in / 64p
30 illustrations / paperback
ISBN 978-3-03778-277-4 / English

voted as –

“The Most Beautiful Swiss Book of the Year 2011”


Saturday morning round-up

hallo hallo little weaklings

saturday morning, super hung-over after a late-night jury held at Nouvel’s office…let the champagne flow, almost the No-Style way, and he was even kind enough to make his hot secretaries stay over-time, just to keep the fun going…


a monkey intern here at the FG headquarters spotted a quite funny fact on Jean’s site…

dear Jean,

1.there is ONLY 1 CHINA. who says japanese are different than chinese…?have u seen them???

2.What about your 4-floor basement packed with chinese 3d monkeys….huh???


And to just get things clear. people searching for the following things..

..should GTFO from The Giraffe.

we know who you are people and once i learn how to ban IPs from our server you will all get OFFICIALLY BANNED!! gay hipsters u!

Fortunately, at least some people have gotten into Giraffe-mode…

nice to see some of you can still think… b.O.t.zzzz

untill the next one..

NOTE thanx to paparazzigr.tv for the support. Big Big upz from da france guyz!!