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The Believing Neuron pt. 2/17 | Inverted Spectrum Process

turning you into mad.architectz is not an eazzy way so here is a way to go with it ..

[Bonus to start with+5% ]

 all experience is mediated by the brain, the mind is what the brain does. No brain,no mind. if a part of the brain is destroyed through injury etc that brain function – that ”mind” part of the brain- may be rewired into another neural network ”

hahah. supposedly THAT could be a turning point for some of you.



eggz on break

feelin frisky? either ways you can take it further.- wanna be efficient in your own way? there are always ways to motivate yourself, especially on trying to complex every little project(nionion) in order to take the most out of it.

not always the best way to go -> fo sho!


a homemade network of concrete tunnels 32 feet underground

”Smithsonian Institution entomologist Harrison G. Dyar came forward to admit that he had dug the tunnels when had lived in the capital of D.C 10 years earlier”

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