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Value FO Money!

OR a budget well spent!

yes, very briefly in this building you cannot see the pool:


i dont put a source to keep it simple


Are you f*cking with me? // Ze Challenge

i have a question whichis triveling my mind since i saw on frame web…(+)

Challenger #1 : CZWG Architects

Challenger #2 : Hopkins Architects


Who’s been fuckin who’s assistant here..?

Note (I know this post smells like “someone has built it before”) but sorry. Im trying not to throw up in my mouth. It is just that the above mentioned assistant is super hot

#1 Canada Water Library, Londan

#2 Nottingham-better known as Shotingham- Uni Library



Happy 2012//new years eve updates+wishes

whats up jerks…

i finally woke up after having passed new years eve in all three paris/london/new york (thanks to JN for the private jet trip)and i found myself in Foster’s private island in the Tropics…

we hope your new years eve was quite amusing too(…yeah right)

we wish you all the best for a creative and happy 2012

*we just couldnt let u with no bonus…especially on new years day*


tooo busy to post.

since sunday we are involved in a 4 day private rave / gathering / symposium with the finest of radicalism from London and Los Angeles (and everywhere in between)

few photos to get you satisfied

be back in a day or two

FG team

Friday Bonus//Fun,fun,fun!!!

Many of you have been going around trolling on our blog, dissin’ the FG, saying stuff you’re like so jealous and full of envy, who do you think you are talking about other peepools works this way, this is journalism with no credential whatsoever and things like that..A frustrated bot reader even wanted us to show some of our work to have the chance of a quick crit….

We have therefore decided to share with you a sneak peek of the libraries we use when handing in a super serious competition for some random chinese dudes….

NOTE1¬†Feel free to “save as” any of the images and use them in your photoshop drawings…

Unpacking the FG archive #2//Thursday night Randomiser

keepin it SUPER simple *

…”always try to randomize it.!”…




See ya..!


President’s Medals/Part2 Winner

As we had promised to our little troll-followers, the FG team has secured one tightly held secret and is about to share it with you…

Thomas Hudson, from Sheffield Uni(respec!) is among this years Part 2 winners. (+)

as simple as that.


Because we can.



this guy is fuckin amazing!


check it out (+)