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Library Interiors — Candida Höfer

letting interior be the subject – Candida Höfer’s book Libraries gives us her perspective on contemporary photography

[scroll down xp needed]

take a look☟

Wiblingen Abbey, Germany

Trinity College, Dublin

Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam

public part British Library, London

Nationnale Library of Austria, Vienna

Metten Abbey, Germany


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Color Dripping Delirium

markus linnenbrink is giving some pain to spaces with this great life size paintings/murals/installations

Enjoy ☟


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Morning Embrasures \\ Figuration

the following post is a short introduction of the painter, photographer, and architect –a gist to get you in his shoes — and an extra rare collection of his photos under the subject ”Figuration” , 1983.

Georges Rousse

(From bio)”His raw material is Space: the space of deserted buildings. Taking his inspiration from a site’s architectonic quality and the light he finds there, he quickly chooses a “fragment” and creates a mise-en-scène, keeping in mind his ultimate goal, creating a photographic image…

…In these empty spaces, Georges Rousse constructs a kind of utopia that projects his vision of the world–his imaginary “universe.” His creation both expresses his artistic intentions and resonates with his impressions of the site, its history and its culture..

…Finally, this results in a photograph, a flat plane, so the shapes he paints and draws, and the volumes and architectural constructions he creates in those massive spaces seem fractured or split on different levels. His photo masterfully brings together painting, architecture, and drawing. It carves out a new space in which the artist’s fictive world becomes visible.”

Delphine Renard in Flash Art, May 1983 on “Figuration”:

These painted figures with their ghostly appearance serve as a springboard for the imagination. like mute actors in a play, but in a theatre that turns the traditional relationship of actor to stage set upside down; here, the active subject is the fullness of the space, which is revealed like a haunting “site from memory”. 


Georges Rousse “Figuration” 1983

©Georges Rousse\ADAGP

Hope you enjoyed the interior and exterior relations



Photography // Christian Stoll


New post under the “wisdom” page just for you. Amazing photos by Christian Stoll (+)

Just enjoy, as simple as that..

Short bio:

“Since 1991 Christian Stoll has been working as a freelance photographer, now shuttling between the two worlds of New York city and Düsseldorf, Germany.                     

In past years Stoll’s photography has been a major influence on the corporate image of global companies like General Electrics, IBM and Microsoft.

Without being compelled to show greatness, he nonetheless succeeds in making greatness visible with his architectural settings and interior shots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

In his still life photographs even the most banal objects undergo a metamorphosis, which may be the result of intensive digital processing,

which transforms them into objects of desire.

Christian Stoll works for numerous global brands and companies and for their networking companies and creative agencies.”

The rest of the photos are HD so better see them in a gallery view

Design//some of the best Office spaces

How boring can a day at work be? maybe take a look at the pictures below before answering the question.
Without a doubt here are some of the most well designed and friendly offices around the world. Enjoy and have that in mind for your next internship application

/credits: Fash&Mark (+)


The Selgas Cano Architecture office