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17.427 I projektpilot


I still get shocked by how many random and interesting projects u can find on the BehanceNetwork

Projektpilot, which realises ambitious design projects, presented its full range of services for the first time at EuroShop ’08. The company focuses on a comprehensive consultancy service, and on co-ordination and realization. Its trade show appearance is conceived as an encounter and communication area. D’art Design’s basic idea is to put cardboard in a new context as a material  to produce something eye-catching that visitors will remember. There is a great deal of expertise behind the simple-looking structure. D’art Design set Projektpilot a challenging task: each of the 8,140 tubes had to have its length calculated individually in order togive the cardboard structure a three-dimensional shape.

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Panic Room – colors everywhere

yo yo,

probably you have already seen it by now but still is worth postin

all images via bigaddict

“Panic Room” by Tilt

Hôtel “Au vieux panier”
Tilt featuring Tober / Grizz / Don Cho
Marseille January 2012

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Architects Explaining their ideas // Part 2


remember our first post on ☞ “architects explaining their ideas ?” hahah

This time Cory Monteith was kind enough to explain his ideas in front of the FG jury

FG : Why buildings fall down ?

CM : No f*cking idea !

FG : So, you had dinner with Bjarke; how was his girlfriend ?

CM : mmmm

– Clients wanted me to change my initial design….

– “no comment”

FG : Will Pete the Eisenman ever win the Pritzker ?

CM : ….

FG : Any comment on starchitects wearing o.n.l.y black?

CM: Lol (silent lol)

– Zaha called and invited me as a guest to a crit in Vienna..I was like BOOM!

– Dont even get me started on summer parties in Maximiliano’s house ^^

*  * *

enough for tonight.

FG team is going out in Paris to spott some new secretaries



OMA // 24 hours Museum, Paris

!opening in Paris at the Palais d’Iéna [yesterday]

The 24-hour Museum, a collaboration between AMO, Prada and artist Francesco Vezzoli, opens in Paris on Tuesday night at the Palais d’Iéna, a modernist pavilion built by Auguste Perret in 1937. The one-off event – including an opening night party, public and press tours, and visits by schoolchildren – will be a staging of a “fake” museum, examining the modes in which art is presented and consumed, and the role of the museum as a social condensor.
AMO’s Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli comments: “This is a new step in the ongoing collaboration between AMO and Prada. For us, it’s an opportunity to question the conditions of the museum we so often encounter.”

AMO has designed three types of exhibition spaces for the concrete interiors of the Palais d’Iéna: one classical and propagandistic, framed by the monumental curving stairs; one experimental contemporary, featuring a cage surrounding the main hall, illuminated with pink neon; and one named “Storage or Salon de Refusés”, inspired by forgotten museums and warehouses. Vezzoli’s statues – featuring the faces of contemporary celebrities – will be installed throughout the spaces.

The result is an ephemeral “total museum” that hosts a sequence of rituals unfolding through the 24 hours.

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ART // From Kids, For Kids

yo little bots,

since we are all into interdisciplinary-boundary-crossing-grey-zone stuff here is a super cool fuckin’ up of a random milky whitespace…


then a bunch of kids got their hands onto some colourful stickers provided by the galery, and…




Contestants posing before battle in JN’s basement “Fight Club”

Coffee & my moleskine // wannabe gay designer

Probably this guy will turn out to be a great film, fashion, furniture, building, object or whatever designer..

If by any chance you look like him GTFO now.

thank you

We will reveal to our beloved readers the most vital part of this stoopid fag’s day


I understand how creative you are and that every 10 minutes there is a new idea running through your head..(which button to chose for your next dress design , or the color matching better your boyfriend’s nails) but how come you note everything to a:





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