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Art Apps \\ 3D puzzle

On behalf of his new launch for a 3D puzzle game for Android phones (click to see,  kickstarter) , gif artist Dain Fagerholm presents us his series of stereographic drawings which are pretty similar to the concept of the game

Gifs FTW ☛ Dain Fagerholm style

Dain Fagerholm

The name of it .. PENROSE!



Jap Math

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Much in Little \\ Niemeyer Mural at São Paolo

kobra mural niemeyer 9


Brazilian mural artist Eduardo Kobra and his assistants paint the side of a 56-meter high building for about 17 floors ~ 190 feet , portraying Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who passed away last December at the age of 104.



.located along Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo.


X-tend Trip \\ Davidope.

i am that which i am – davidope

short bio(+):

  • dvdp is the creative director and founder of the design atelier volll and Fredlig
  • dvdp was raised in love – bilingual and bicultural (DE/HU), which explains a lot
  • dvdp is living in a suburb of Budapest, with his dachshund Susie. 
  • dvdp loves the danger: 2 liters of coke ;) means  19 camels a day.

-serious xtend .gif trip below – fellow your surroundings -

Le .gifs

click any for gallery [fullscreen mode]


Visit his visual chinatown 

more at his personal site –> (HERE)

tener un buen día amigos !

Insane Breaking News

A first time for the Giraffe…A re-post from ArchDaily!!!! yes that is the insane breaking news….

A Zaha building on fire inevitably is something we have long expected, if we are to consider the design tactics/methods in their office…-long pause 2 think-

Zaha Hadid’s recently-opened Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku caught fire today. Flames started in the ceiling and, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry and Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office, were successfully prevented from spreading throughout the inner parts of the museum. Thankfully, no one has been hurt.

It hasn’t been long since the architecture world was sadden by a fire that caused extensive damage to Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseilles.”

live coverage>>>


-wouldnt wanna be ya-

Work in Progress \\ Alice Guy Hall


Grotte Stellaire

Palais de tokyo

a tribute to the primitive paintings that can be found in the caves of Lascaux

|short bio below

The project deals with the ancestral fascination that the first men had for stars and the mystical power of the animal kingdom. These string drawings bring us back to the experience of a planetarium, where the ceiling shows us a sky we rarely see. Like beautiful constellations, these galloping beasts seem to escape invisible predators from an infinite galaxy.


+click for enlargemet

             day                          after                        day

 interview-Julien Salaud

running now !  more at

- La Triennale – Intense Proximity

- Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Current Exhibitions from the artist


London Festival of Architecture 2012 in Fitzrovia

‘The Playful City’ is the theme for this year’s London Festival of Architecture, running from 23 June – 8 July 2012.

From reinterpreting familiar places through new installations and animations, redesigning public spaces to encourage physical fitness in the spirit of the Olympic Games, to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future urban development, festival participants will be encouraged to play in, and play with, the city around them.

Fitzrovia is one of the focus areas for the festival with lots of great activities happening on the middle weekend – Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July. RIBA London, a regional office of the Royal Institute of British Architects, has been working with local architectural practices and organisations to curate this Fitzrovia hub which will include free events for family audiences.

For more info visit ☞ Click


ciao for now, Le. Boss

Georgia does FHM – 24 HD Captures

following Georgia Salpa’s first ice-cream of 2012 with more non-architectural and over-exciting news as

Georgia does FHM



via FHM Official Youtube Channel

Everywhere Chinese peepol ^^

“A total of 22 fake Apple stores have been uncovered in one Chinese city.

Authorities in Kunming began searching out the copycats after pictures of one convincing replica were circulated on the web.

An early search found five fake stores, two of which were shut down for trading without a licence.”

Chinese peepol trying to take over the world. Nelson Rockerfeller, George Bush, ze Germans in collaboration with the chinese peepol are trying to take over the world, by slowly taking over Apple, and control all computers through their secret microchips.

You see it?

And now we have chinese people above the ground pretending to have apple stores…you see it?

some other chinese rip-offs just to stick an eye out to every direction>>

where to start and where the f*ck to finish..???

>>iphone stoves

>> fake KFC’s

>>rip-off batteries

>>fake skateboards

>>fake “Titanics”


lets try and contain chinese peepol in Jean‘s cellar. You’re wellcome.

Whole sky \\

563 million stars and galaxies

2.7 million Photos — 180 million pixels

WHOLE SKY Continue reading

Corbusier’z Cite Radieuse // On Fi’ah

Insane breaking news straight form Marseille…

LeCorbu is burning down…

“Le feu qui s’est déclenché jeudi 9 février dans l’immeuble de la Cité radieuse à Marseille était en passe d’être officiellement éteint, “l’ensemble des foyers” ayant été “éteints”, ont indiqué les marins-pompiers vendredi à 6h30.

“L’ensemble des foyers ont été éteints. On procède aux dernières reconnaissances à l’aide de caméras thermiques avant de prononcer le feu officiellement éteint”, a précisé une porte-parole des marins-pompiers.

Un incendie s’était déclaré dans la nuit de jeudi à vendredi à Marseille dans le célèbre immeuble de la Cité radieuse, créé par Le Corbusier, un sinistre qui a détruit ou endommagé de nombreux appartements et conduit à l’évacuation par précaution de tous les habitants.”


If you too are a chewbacca, then use google translator, bots.