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random very random


brain dead summer keeps going so not able to do anythin more than drag n drop photoz..scroll down ^^


Louvre Hipsters FTW

Constraints evolving from the digital to the real generating a new sensibility that goes….




W8 for it



beyond the represantation.

and the detail for those who are madt obsessed with overworked fragments….

Are you a hipster ?

hello little pokemons,

please follow the graph bellow and if turns out positive hit ⌘+Q  (theres no way u r a hipster and dont have a mac)

SO ?

positively hipsterish ?

*Do you think hipster genes exist?

if both parents are hipsters should an abortion be considered as a valid reaction?

Fashion Tips // Post-bohemian laternative chic

One more awesome girl out there…

Renata is 24 years.She is a decorator and lover of vintage.

The comment Queen.gr:
There is nothing we cherish more than one “big” girl who dares to styling. The Renataobviously loves curves and highlights with a granny chic way by adopting a 50s housewife style with a floral dress and curly hair combined with red and burgundy bagballerinas. We say a yes to all elements of the look we like because they are sincere in aesthetics. Our only suggestion is to lengthen the hair and tried curls a la Marilyn that willreveal more retro style.

its all in the details for people like this, so hip…

Now do me a favor, and go change that nasty colection you still have hanging in your closet from last year…maybe something a bit more post-vintage for a change…


Note 1 Thanks babe for signaling this fashionista..

Photography // The art of scaffolding

hello hello little minions,

Sup? no more sneaky plays..Thursday night back from the days>>

>>Aggro-style from now on

so here is a special post for you photo junkies, brought to our attentionby our biggest troll Sobow -Respek’ man – , all about scaffolding…

So hipster…

enjoy free lessons on how to be cool and hip with your photos

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That should be all for today…Or not?

Coffee & my moleskine // wannabe gay designer

Probably this guy will turn out to be a great film, fashion, furniture, building, object or whatever designer..

If by any chance you look like him GTFO now.

thank you

We will reveal to our beloved readers the most vital part of this stoopid fag’s day


I understand how creative you are and that every 10 minutes there is a new idea running through your head..(which button to chose for your next dress design , or the color matching better your boyfriend’s nails) but how come you note everything to a:





if you found this post offensive you can take your friends bellow and go pick up the new iphone straight from Steve Jobs