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Dan Hillier ● Feather and Claw

yo yo lets drop the beatz today with 2 ultra-detail drawings by dan.hillier

.1) woodman

.2) The Veil

mad skillz no ?

ciao for now

Steven C. Harvey ● Machine Drawings

Insane and beautiful drawings that make our imagination fly

. . . enjoy . . .

Steven C. Harvey
Série Vehicles, 2006-2007
Crayon sur papier
Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2009
© Photos : Steven C. Harvey

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Joe Fenton ✣ hand drawing skillz

yo yo yo FG followerz…remember a while back when we posted the work of Juan Francisco CASAS (☞ Link) and everyone was like ” woooow!!”

Here is probably a similar situation talking about the work of:

● Joe Fenton ●

☞ link to joefentonart[dot]com

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Comic Illustration // Keita Sagaki

yo..new artist discovery

FG on the go


Keita Sagaki, todays artist, has a unique point of view for his drawings , no judgements made (even if we should), having in mind that the detailing of his work is exceptional. Short personal statement from his point of view [make your own adjustments]:

All things are composed of whole and part. Let’s broaden your horizons. the concept of “ whole and part” is not fixed. it’s in flux. If we interpret from a different viewpoint, the wholeness which we defined is converted into the partialness. Domain in the relations of both, it never ends. The concept of my creation is the relations of borderless “whole and part”. As I draw a picture in this concept, I want to express conflict and undulation from relations of “whole and part”, cannot be measured in addition and subtraction (The whole in the grand total of the part. and the Part by the whole division) 

The 36 views of Mountain Fuji

Night Snow at Kambara

Would you mind receiving a flower

Further on, the gallery that follows includes some selected works of the designer with their detailed views

[ 100% worth-watching]

Spot ya later..


X-tend Trip // Zenvironments 4


Having no barriers once again, Zenvironments intense sketch skills came out to a double or nothing solution. Resulted out of several sketch material mixes on an ”ongoing” area , the biggest of the other three sketches

Zenv 1 2 3

completes an exceptional ”Easy on the fingers, heavy on the eyes”  sketch, for yOu fellas

Be aware and enjoy

ongoing pallete — waiting for the next one


Trip // Zenvironments 3


towards the limit edge ~~check out the new around the house sketch of Zenvironments.

Being on the same sick track as the previous ones   ☞ Sketch1  ☞ Sketch2 , mix up your scrollin’ down skillz n enjoy..

— Zenvironments 4 Final on the way [stretch etc. and get ready for excess trippin’]

Zenvironments 4 Posted!


Life Piles Project \\ Zach Johnsen

Morning shots from a series of drawings that are going to end up us a print set… Have a first look at Zach Johnsen’s final layer of drawing’s with really promising results

Preview Shots


Going on with the progress of the project, here is a look on the next step of Zach Johnsen as he explain’s it himself:
”I visited my friend Keegan at his print studio the other day to sit in on the printing of the first of my letterpress editions. I have never had prints made in this way before and it was really fun watching the progress. I am getting 3 letterpress prints made in total, 50 of each. The set will be called the Life Piles series. The orange blobs in the photos below are actually the plates for 2 of the drawings.. the third one is on the press getting inked..

Letterpress Progress Shots

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