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I Love Graffiti, When it’s NOT on my Property

Topsafe London are pleased to announce a new print release by Roid.

The print is loosely inspired by the hypocritical view point of most graffiti writers and all the media types and companies squeezing graffiti for everything its worth.

This is Roids’ first print release since June 2009, and is released in anticipation of his upcoming debut solo show on May 31st 2012.

Edition of 100  Each one hand finished, unique and selected at random4 layer screenprint, with 3 layers of hand finished spray paint by the artist.

 Signed and Numbered by the artist.

29.7″ X 21.7″
75.5cm X 55.5cm
Somerset Silk 270gsm
£120 plus postage & packaging

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Senseless Drawing Bot // cool machines

Created by So KANNO kanno.so + Takahiro YAMAGUCHI yang02.org
Metal Works Supported by Hitto ASAI hitt01.com
Special Thanks: Montana Colors Japan montanacolors-jp.blogspot.com/



“15th Japan Media Art Festival”
2.22 – 3.4, 2012

@AKIBATAMABI21, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
9.10 – 10.10, 2011

● VIDEO in action ●

Propulsion Painting by Evan Roth


big it up cos there is some crazy stuff shared here by the FG :

Evan Roth is playing in a very clever way with our addiction for spraycans and colors & inventions and machines.

Ok, enough with the freeze-framez..here are the videoz…dont miss the action


Panic Room – colors everywhere

yo yo,

probably you have already seen it by now but still is worth postin

all images via bigaddict

“Panic Room” by Tilt

Hôtel “Au vieux panier”
Tilt featuring Tober / Grizz / Don Cho
Marseille January 2012

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Boneyard Project, painting on WWII planes [Videos]


Yesterday we shared with you photos from the Boneyard Project, where some of the best artists-street artists have collaborated to paint on WWII military planes.

Click for earlier post on Boneyard <

Medvin Sobio [co-producer on the project & curator] was kind enough sending Video footage from the project to the FGteam.

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Art // Graffiti on WWII military planes

the boneyard project: return trip
pima air and space museum, tucson, arizona, USA
january 28th, 2012 until may 31st, 2012

the pima air + space museum (PIMA) is hosting ‘art from the boneyard’, a project curated by eric firestone, carlo mccormick,
leslie oliver and med sobio featuring several non-functioning WWII american military airplanes covered in the painted work
of contemporary artists. in ‘art from the boneyard: return trip’, how & nosm, retna, andrew shoultz, faile, and nunca, among
other creatives, journeyed to a ‘bone yard’, a large resting space for planes in disuse, in order to complete the five massive
mural paintings on the bodies of retired aircrafts.

the tradition of using the massive surface of a plane as a canvas has been a tradition in the united states air force for generations.
‘nose art’ became a popular form of graffiti painting in the WWII era as soldiers decorated the fronts of the planes which would
carry them into battle. ‘the boneyard project: return trip’ is the second installation of the series in which the artists created
a semi-sculptural, painted expression of his/her associations with the history of air travel and warfare.

all images © eric firesone 

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Event Alert – Athens // Brodmann Area 17 @ Stigma

For our readers in Athens-Greece, attending this event is a nobrainer!

A new versatile crew that jumped out like ninjas are taking over streets, galleries and occasionally the decks.


BA17 is a team of artists (Ersi Varveri, Constantine Lianos, Adreas Chronopoulos and Sotiris Fokeas ) who got together in 2011 and are based in Athens / Greece.

This exhibition is the team’s attempt to combine all their different elements in one single space, using many different styles and techniques.

Brodmann Area 17 – who is Brodmann?

The exhibition is a tribute to Korbinian Brodmann, considered by many, the first public artist in history.

Brodmann, an offspring of a bourgeois family had rough childhood years. His father, a famous neurosurgeon of the time, wished to see his son continuing his work. Young Korbinian had already expressed his artistic concerns and did not accept to walk on his fathers steps. At the age of 21, he left his home to pursue his dream in the lonely fields of Switzerland. There, contemplating the elements of nature, he found his way to art. He started by mapping the scenery while having a pic-nic. Having mapped all of Switzerland, Brodmann understood that his art had to become more personal. While trying to curve a tag on a tree, he slipped on frozen ice and hit his head on a big rock.

Some time later, Brodmann wil realise that the accident took place in a parallel universe where Korbinian was re-born as his father.After recovering from the accident, Brodmann decided to combine his excellent mapping skills with his fathers scientific knowledge, in order to create a map of the biggest country of the world, the brain.

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Promo video