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Pwned News \\ Davidope + Eye, Robot

some last vicious dope  shots from Davidope. – according to his personal site so.

enjoy  ..



compilation of student work from Eye,Robot  at SCI-Arc Fall 2012.

“Eye, Robot” focuses on the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography. The course explores robotic motion control as a creative medium for designers, mainly through the use of the custom robotic animation software platform, designed specifically for the SCI-Arc Robot House. The platform has the unique ability for the designer not only to design motion, but also to program, simulate, and speculate all at the same time. This type of animation space suspends the distinction between simulation, speculation, and ‘the real’, making it very hard for one to determine which is which while questioning traditional notions of architectural representation.[click for gallery]

Course: Eye,Robot : Introduction to Robotics

Instructors: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

@ The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). 

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Chalwa Drops // Weinventvou

after the X-tend Trip of Davidope – here comes another bright .gif maker under the name weinventvou -

weinventvouweinventvou3lastlight dazzledchanfrye

this series could easily be folded under the name ”smashing simplicities”-

see.u.soon botzsalviaeffect1


Loop Animation \\ Cloned Motion Gifs

starting the experiments with cloned motion in video(2004-present) and evolve them through the years, inspired todays artist Erdal Inci, based in Istanbul,of producing some spectrum affiliated(lol) animated gifs.


fast xp upgrade by only watching this video!



X-tend Trip \\ Davidope.

i am that which i am – davidope

short bio(+):

  • dvdp is the creative director and founder of the design atelier volll and Fredlig
  • dvdp was raised in love – bilingual and bicultural (DE/HU), which explains a lot
  • dvdp is living in a suburb of Budapest, with his dachshund Susie. 
  • dvdp loves the danger: 2 liters of coke ;) means  19 camels a day.

-serious xtend .gif trip below – fellow your surroundings -

Le .gifs

click any for gallery [fullscreen mode]


Visit his visual chinatown 

more at his personal site –> (HERE)

tener un buen día amigos !

Awesome Stereoscopic 3-D GIFs From 1930s Paris

hotographer Alexis Isaac was passing by a second-hand store in Paris when he saw a collection of stereoscopic glass plates. Isaac was intrigued by the camera that captured the images, a type of viewer that took transparent film instead of paper. The combination of the stereograph and the glass plates creates a startling 3-D effect, bringing the ever romantic vintage Paris back to life. While some 3-D animated moments are a bit hokey, these captivating photos of the French countryside have absolutely stolen our hearts.

via the huffingtonpost

|Spot it – Transform it| feat.Lower Manhattan

 yo. zup. FG all the way from New York downtown- spreading special stuff for FGaddicts.


Paul Rudolph’s proposal for an expressway running across lower Manhattan from 1967-72, linking New Jersey to Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

 Parker Seybold created a gif that animates Paul Rudolph’s Lower Manhattan Expressway “LoMex” from 1970 and layers it onto a Google Maps perspective of the neighborhood today.

 In comparison to Rudolph’s proposal, Vernon Roether’s “Collage section mash-up of the Highline, the street and the Delancey Underground” explores the possibility of underground spaces to be reactivated following the model of the High Line.

Roether asks, “What does it look and feel like to be underground in NYC?” in order to reframe the potential of underground spaces.

Connecting the underground space to the rest of the neighborhood and streets above is a key to unlocking its potential . Seybold’s research of the site around the unused trolley terminal underneath Delancey Street studied the traffic patterns of coming on and off the Williamsburg Bridge.

The diagram above visualizes the 24 hour traffic volume (data from NY DOT)
blue = westbound traffic 
red = eastbound traffic

The site is connected to transportation infrastructure in multiple ways and plays an important role in helping people move throughout the city and neighborhood. Historically, the Williamsburg Bridge has been a significant node between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

 Given the incredible complexity of the site, the studio will be working with the MTA and the Delancey Underground as well as well as the Center for Urban Realestate (CURE) to envision the future roles the underground and above ground spaces might play in the surrounding neighborhood and city.

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hello again,

as every blogger knows, sunday is the day to attract as many possible bots as possible and raise your views. 

However, if you are an FG.addict you already know that we dont really give a f*ck

This post is dedicated to the:


remember when THIS☟ used to our banner!..hahah good times

Looking at this old banner, my emo side got stimulated and decided to open FG archive from last year and dump a few random files in here:

^^Keep ur head up fo the Girafffe

Architects Explaining their ideas // Part 2


remember our first post on ☞ “architects explaining their ideas ?” hahah

This time Cory Monteith was kind enough to explain his ideas in front of the FG jury

FG : Why buildings fall down ?

CM : No f*cking idea !

FG : So, you had dinner with Bjarke; how was his girlfriend ?

CM : mmmm

- Clients wanted me to change my initial design….

- “no comment”

FG : Will Pete the Eisenman ever win the Pritzker ?

CM : ….

FG : Any comment on starchitects wearing o.n.l.y black?

CM: Lol (silent lol)

- Zaha called and invited me as a guest to a crit in Vienna..I was like BOOM!

- Dont even get me started on summer parties in Maximiliano’s house ^^

*  * *

enough for tonight.

FG team is going out in Paris to spott some new secretaries



LOL // Hamsters FTW

Decided to avoid posting something already in the Queue to be published


thats the game we play 2nt

See you 2mo