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Pwned News \\ Davidope + Eye, Robot

some last vicious dope  shots from Davidope. – according to his personal site so.

enjoy  ..



compilation of student work from Eye,Robot  at SCI-Arc Fall 2012.

“Eye, Robot” focuses on the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography. The course explores robotic motion control as a creative medium for designers, mainly through the use of the custom robotic animation software platform, designed specifically for the SCI-Arc Robot House. The platform has the unique ability for the designer not only to design motion, but also to program, simulate, and speculate all at the same time. This type of animation space suspends the distinction between simulation, speculation, and ‘the real’, making it very hard for one to determine which is which while questioning traditional notions of architectural representation.[click for gallery]

Course: Eye,Robot : Introduction to Robotics

Instructors: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

@ The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). 

X-tend Trip \\ Davidope.

i am that which i am – davidope

short bio(+):

  • dvdp is the creative director and founder of the design atelier volll and Fredlig
  • dvdp was raised in love – bilingual and bicultural (DE/HU), which explains a lot
  • dvdp is living in a suburb of Budapest, with his dachshund Susie. 
  • dvdp loves the danger: 2 liters of coke ;) means  19 camels a day.

-serious xtend .gif trip below – fellow your surroundings –

Le .gifs

click any for gallery [fullscreen mode]


Visit his visual chinatown 

more at his personal site –> (HERE)

tener un buen día amigos !

Surf Alert \\ Dopamine by Dustin Humphrey

Riding a Wave with the help of the expert Surf Photographer Dustin Humphrey

”Except from standing beside a burning motorcycle he’s dressed as a ‘50s greaser, he’s cheering on the destructive flames, and — strangest of all — he’s not taking photos. He’s not even thinking about taking photos.”

Full Interview –> HERE

Jared Mell – Tune In Drop Out

Jason Apparicio – The Jamaican Surf Team

Kai Otton – Bed Spins

Kai Otton – Uba Skuba Canoe

OH YEAHZ MORE MORE—> Continue reading

FG Wallpaper [ le boss ] – Download Now !


we just realized we can give our readers the option to download files straight from our blog. so if you want to pimp you smartphone or desktop :


The Bananas a.k.a Le B.O.S.S

The download widget will be “up” only for the next 2 dayz

☞ (look to the bottom-right corner for the “box” widget)

< roll like a boss the FGway >

We are army

ciao for now

Le Bananas a.k.a the.BOSS // new FG author

we proudly present you:

the newest addition to the team. A huge & aggressive player who will be taking care of any single starchitect and wannabe gay designer.

Fashionistas with ur moleskinez beware!

As a small preview “Le Boss” while killing a stoopid architect :

and moments before his attack to the city of San Francisco

! ! !


hello again,

as every blogger knows, sunday is the day to attract as many possible bots as possible and raise your views. 

However, if you are an FG.addict you already know that we dont really give a f*ck

This post is dedicated to the:


remember when THIS☟ used to our banner!..hahah good times

Looking at this old banner, my emo side got stimulated and decided to open FG archive from last year and dump a few random files in here:

^^Keep ur head up fo the Girafffe