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in search of the perfect pattern [basicz]

dnt miss the video production beneath –

~fibonatchi series relation to nature~~

Nature’s Wonderful Design


close enough..??


Fractal Ctscape


adjustin’ visual cospiracies for now ~

[ g a l l e r y  m o d e : O N ]

Ultra ☟


via – Jock Cooper’s fractal recursionzz – (+)

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Fractal Geometry \\ Naturally Occuring Fractals

Having a discussion earlier today with Prof. Matsoukis on Coastline Fractals.. and the way there is an evolutionary pattern in almost everything ( leaves, rivers, clouds ,stocks, galaxies, population patterns), fractal behavior came really HIGH on my list.

Here are some  naturally occuring fractals that exist, existed, and will continue to exist [considering HALE scale](+)

Continuing in a friendly manner, one taste of a Digital Fractal Landscape

XP UPGRADE [to get you more into it]

Dr. Lipton’s point of view on Fractal Geometry

[+low mind streaming continuation approved+]

off in a Mandelbrot way