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Representing Motion \\ Allesio Bavari


-The hauntingly poetic images created by Italian artist Alessandro Bavari are the fruits of a long journey of exploration to discover a personal artistic language that can transcend the limits of established media through what he describes as –

“a kind of contamination amongst the arts dissolving the boundaries which distinguish them.”


+short bio:  Bavari began making photomontages at the age of fifteen. He subsequently studied scene-painting and history of art at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome. He started working in a variety of traditional media, from oil painting to copper plate engraving, whilst maintaining a strong interest in photography. His working methods became increasingly experimental, mixing tar, glue and industrial paints and exploring the possibilities of photographic printing techniques. He then added imprints creating a vocabulary from found natural objects, such as bones and fossils and creatures washed up on the shores near his home. In 1993 he bought his first Macintosh. Working exclusively in Photoshop to create his highly personal imagery, he found he was able to arrive more easily at the fusion of painting and photography that he had been working towards. Bavari regards the computer as being like-


“ any other working instrument, like a brush or palette or darkroom”

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Tolstoy QuoteLe FG.

Antiseptic Industrial Zones \\ Andreas Gursky

zup ..  excelling at capturing large crowds as well as representing urban landscapes, the dazzling effect that this photographer/artist addresses is further than that of digital manipulation ..

 Nha Trang Vietnam '04

Nha Trang Vietnam ’04

In the early 80’s Andreas Gursky(+) was a student of iconic photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. By 2008, he held the world’s record for most expensive photograph sold at auction for just 2.7 million pounds –> link

Brazil Station '05

Brazil Station ’05

A.G – analogies 

I compare my work to that of a writer. He writes from what he remembers and his different impressions..

Bergwerk Ost '08

Bergwerk Ost ’08

 ..in a way, a writer has the freedom to connect different thoughts, and this is the way I work with photography..

Kuwait Stock Exchange '00

Kuwait Stock Exchange ’00

.. it is not a straight documentary but the details that are going together, they come from the real world and they exist.”

Shanghai '00

Shanghai ’00

A.G – tendencies 

In former times, I had a long distance from what I was photographing and it didn’t matter if I was personally involved. But I think in the last years I have had a very strong relationship [with my subjects.] ..

Pyongyang '07

Pyongyang ’07

..for example, with Formula 1, it took me four of five years to finish all the pictures, so I was really involved in the world.”

Bahrain '06

Bahrain ’06

also worth mentioning , most of his photographs are large-scaled  and seek patterns in real environments through perfection of the color contrast and the geometric lines  /