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Surprising photo manipulations by Manuel Rodriguez

Little explorer, Pequeno explorador

Little explorer, Pequeno explorador

a graphic designer from Mallorca with a passion for photography, also well known as manurs,


Huge tunnels \\ Laerdal, Norway

Laerdal Tunnel - Norway

known as the longest road tunnel ever constructed (24,5 km) , Laerdal Tunnel connects the two biggest cities in Norway, Oslo and Bergen

Design strategies of the project in order to succeed

Laerdal Tunnel - Norway 1

SINTEF was asked to help design the longest tunnel in the world in western Norway . Experiments were undertaken to evaluate four tunnel models. Results showed that lighting strategies using blue, yellow, and green lights increased driver safety and comfort. A major challenge in constructing long tunnels is reducing driver anxiety, because many drivers feel uncomfortable in this environment. Changes in lighting every 2 km reduced driver anxiety. Including some large openings inside the tunnel also reduced driver anxiety and was useful for emergency operations.

The construction was approved to traverse a section of country with relatively poor levels of reliability in road transport due to the mountainous area and narrow roads combined with many fjord crossings.

The Laerdal tunnel is an important part of the extension of a ferry-free, reliable road link between the two largest cities in Norway. The decision to build a tunnel rather than refurbish existing roads was taken to avoid difficult terrain with high risks of rock falls. From an environmental perspective, the tunnel was seen as a justifiable investment to avoid destroying sections of the unspoiled natural landscape

Some plans before the construction

Laerdal Tunnel - Norway 3

four tunnel models

four tunnel models

These design strategies have proved to be successful with high ratings of driver comfort in the tunnel and no crashes. In addition, the Laerdal project has won two European lighting awards.

[360 view]


70+ years, 9 photos, 1 angle of view

located at the Art House Tacheles main staircase , with a random sequence of time by different photographers\ visitors \ artists.




  morning FG warrior gettin’ ready to deal with some serious office work-megan fox future giraffes VII

Did or Did you not

had a vertigo sense of spiraling down and shrinking into your bed, as the room  expands outwards in all directions, leaving you feel ever smaller and insignificant, frightened and anxious about… well… everything.

this is called the ever-shrinking-room experience

have it in mind you arch-minionz rendering all around your next project/


Le Bananas a.k.a the.BOSS // new FG author

we proudly present you:

the newest addition to the team. A huge & aggressive player who will be taking care of any single starchitect and wannabe gay designer.

Fashionistas with ur moleskinez beware!

As a small preview “Le Boss” while killing a stoopid architect :

and moments before his attack to the city of San Francisco

! ! !

Speculative Narrations // In For The Kill

Ha ha ha hah…

as you can see from these small, short laughs the FG team is in the mood to kill…

so we like saw this project on suckerpunch (+) click if you want to get al the autistic info like author, program bla bla..

and as back in the days, we decided to take this humble project two steps further..

speculative narration at its finest..

since u might not get this, this is what you get when you push your concept to the limits!!

^^ FG or DIE ^^

Coraline feat. ze zigaf


click ☞ HERE , for some pronunciation lessonz