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brain dead summer keeps going so not able to do anythin more than drag n drop photoz..scroll down ^^


Le Bananas a.k.a the.BOSS // new FG author

we proudly present you:

the newest addition to the team. A huge & aggressive player who will be taking care of any single starchitect and wannabe gay designer.

Fashionistas with ur moleskinez beware!

As a small preview “Le Boss” while killing a stoopid architect :

and moments before his attack to the city of San Francisco

! ! !

Bad Taste – La Mr.Contactus from ArchiTeam

Halo Germany, Halo Europez

I woke up this fine friday morning, in the fine city of Boston and saw THIS!


Under which government and which circumstances the actions of THIS little, brown, gay friendly, fashionista bot are able to PROMOTE ARCHITECTURE!???

hahah. i kno i kno. architecture is getting mainstream and everyone with a pair of eyes can nowadays press “like” to any stoopid photo of a building.

Down here at the Giraffe we approve and promote le hardcore so mr.contactus is officially a member of our Blacklist.

[not sure if u remember #24 of that list is probably his mentor;
le Peter Marino hahah]

So, mr contactus just drop this girly naive performance style of yours, go home and try to draw ONE straight line.

Until then dont even think of the word architecture.
You are just making actual architects laugh and 16 year old hermaphrodites think they might belong to this field.

Ciao for now.
We are army

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Fashion Tips // Post-bohemian laternative chic

One more awesome girl out there…

Renata is 24 years.She is a decorator and lover of vintage.

The comment Queen.gr:
There is nothing we cherish more than one “big” girl who dares to styling. The Renataobviously loves curves and highlights with a granny chic way by adopting a 50s housewife style with a floral dress and curly hair combined with red and burgundy bagballerinas. We say a yes to all elements of the look we like because they are sincere in aesthetics. Our only suggestion is to lengthen the hair and tried curls a la Marilyn that willreveal more retro style.

its all in the details for people like this, so hip…

Now do me a favor, and go change that nasty colection you still have hanging in your closet from last year…maybe something a bit more post-vintage for a change…


Note 1 Thanks babe for signaling this fashionista..