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FG warrior ● How to get the job done

summer is over

yo bots. ive been wondering what have you been doing all summer you nerds..playing diablo and eating ice cream or partying. Im sure you all went out and scored girls like that..so good for you. keep the money and the bitchez comin.thats the way.

random very random


brain dead summer keeps going so not able to do anythin more than drag n drop photoz..scroll down ^^


Louvre Hipsters FTW

Constraints evolving from the digital to the real generating a new sensibility that goes….




W8 for it



beyond the represantation.

and the detail for those who are madt obsessed with overworked fragments….

Sexual Color / Gabriel Wickbold

straight from São Paulo, Brazil | power motion – feel the forces

be aware of the doubles comin ;) Continue reading

Dan Hillier ● Feather and Claw

yo yo lets drop the beatz today with 2 ultra-detail drawings by dan.hillier

.1) woodman

.2) The Veil

mad skillz no ?

ciao for now

X-Ray Images of Corsets [1908]

oh yeah.super cool find via “DangerousMinds” (+)

Once again we show you nothin but u get everythin